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Revision request offering? WHAT?!

Hey guys! So I had an order about some drawings, I delivered as they said and they wanted a revision for an overview on website (totally not what the order required was) Then I was like this seems an easy thing, they just wanted to see how it looks on their website. So I took a screenshot and added the artwork I made ,to have an overview. After a couple of days, I got another request for revision. I was a little confused as I provided just one revision, then I googled and they said buyer can request any number of revisions and you don’t need to deliver them. So I got on my fiverr order page and checked if they had any options about such. And the request again was totally unrelated to the actual project, so wanted to cancel it or something but since it didn’t had any options I just continued with other things. And now that order says you’re LATE and the person may get refund and also I’ll have a late remark on my gig. What am I supposed to do?

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from what i understand;

the order isn’t late. so long as you made the initial full delivery on time, you’re safe. the ‘late’ thing is just a bug

since you only offered one revision (two at most) and you made that revision, you don’t have to undertake any more revisions for free. there are curtain circumstances where you would (which is wrong, but there it is) but looking at your gig i really think you’ve fulfilled your side of the contract and that’s it

from what sellers have said here before, redeliver what you have already delivered, explain that you only offer one revision, but, make an offer for an additional revision, if you want too. you can charge what you like for this, you can be reasonable of you want more work or stingy of you want to get rid of them. if they refuse to accept the order and keep requesting revisions instead, and you’ve delivered everything as promised, then contact customer support

that would probably be the best cause of action

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So I should deliver the same order again?

and explain that you only offer one revision per order for free

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Okay thanks for helping out!

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