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Revision request "rejected"? [ARCHIVED]

Hello, I have a question regarding a gig I purchased recently. Long story short, gig was for two (2) logos. I received both for review and requested one to be modified, and for both to be on transparent backgrounds. The seller made the change on the one very quickly. I was satisfied with the look of the two logos.

I originally requested both in .PSD format. Right now, I have one in .PNG with transparent and the other in .JPG on white. So I sent him another revision request asking for both in .PSD, as originally requested, and on transparent backgrounds. Now the gig is marked as “Rejected”. It’s still “Active”, so I can’t leave feedback or request cancellation. Is this normal??

Okay, thank you for the info. I won’t worry about it then. :slight_smile:

Yes, I sent him a message originally. But it went unanswered for over a day, so I sent it through again as a revision just to make sure.

Reply to @mmolly: if delivery was not as agreed, you are right asking for a revision; if instead delivery was as agreed but you need to ask for an improvement, revision is definitely wrong! The reason is that when a buyer asks for a revision actually the order is rejected as you can see, so gig clock restarts ticking and the delivery could go late, which could be bad for seller ratings.

I know, you buyers are not informed about this, but now that you are, please don’t abuse of revisions :smiley:

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Reply to @mark74: Thanks for that info. I had no idea that a revision had negative impact on the sellers. I simply thought it was asking for a change(s). I will keep that in mind for future jobs.

I’m a PhotoShop newbie, which is why I’m paying for this, rather than create it myself. Yet, even I was able to use to background eraser to clear the white background myself. It would be a simple matter for him to change the format to .PSD, as I originally requested, and to make transparent. I still haven’t received any response from the seller. I really don’t know why. Owell, we will see.

Reply to @mmolly: we’re here to teach and learn, so I’m glad to have showed you this feature!

If your seller doesn’t deliver what agreed, you have all the rights to asks for a revision :slight_smile:

Why all the top rated sellers keep commenting so much on Fiverr forum…IS it secret to success on Fiverr??? I am struggling…Someone help me too!!!

Reply to @nickiburton: no, it’s not the key for the success :slight_smile:

It’s just part of our community life: we love this site and we like to help others for what we can! The best ones are nominated sheriffs, so they can help moderators.

But remember that the most important part is being good sellers, polite and honest with buyers, maintain an high standard and have very good feedbacks!



You have orders in queue and some good feedback. Why are you struggling?

Many of your gig photos (IMO) are not representative of the gig.

Your gig description says “I will”, “I am”, “I assure” and “I believe”, however in your video you say “We’re a (word I can’t understand) web publishing agency…” So are you an “I” or are you a “we”?

If you’re an “Experienced online writer. … offering the absolute best writing service.”, have you considered rewriting your gig descriptions to be more about the buyers and what they get, and less about you?

Reply to @nickiburton: umm no its not the secret to success. But yes it can help sales slightly, from my experience. Most TRS want this site to run better and to do that you need to have informed buyers and sellers and they are simply the only ones that can help. With out them constantly posting on the forum. The website would not be nearly as functional and buyers/ sellers would be much more ignorant.

Reply to @matt_garry: well, not only TRS are doing this “job” here: you are daily helping this site to be better :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: thanks :slight_smile:

Hi dear,
I am working as a seller on fiverr . But when i am posting request for work fiverr rejecting my post request please tell me where i am doing mistake

Your mistake is that buyer requests is not a place for sellers to request work. It is for buyers to post things that they want to buy. You respond to those requests with your gigs. Buyers can ignore you if they don’t like your offer, so it can take lots of tries. You will see some other sellers trying to post their own “ads” there and they sometimes slip through, but they are wasting their time.

By the way, I would strongly recommend you read this post carefully:

I’v just realized that “Buyers request” will be interpreted by many non native English speakers as “Request Buyers” due to the different sentence structure of many languages.
For example, In Irish - “fear beag” means small man.
“Fear” means “man”, “beag” means “small” - man small.

If Fiverr were to apply a small tweak to the name of the Buyers requests section it could cut out a lot of the incorrect posts.

Please tell me one of my question’s answer that i got the client from Buyers contact Option and make a deal with him.And he gave me the task to do as decided and i do as he said but he is continuously rejected with the help of revision tool. What i have to do.
Should i contact with Customer support …??

Please let me know if anyone can help me

If the buyer keeps rejecting your work he must be unhappy with something. Did he ask you to make changes? If so, make those changes and resubmit your work again for approval.

If you have the PNG-file with transparant background an you want it in PSD-format with transparant background, you just have to load the PNG into Photoshop and save it as PSD.
What’s the problem with that?
In the worst case just go into Photoshop create a new file. Double click on the background layer and make it totally transparant. Then you load the PNG separately and drag it into the new file you just created. The PNG with the transparant layer now is in the layer above the transparant background layer and you are done. Just save the whole thing as PSD.

Good catch!!

If I do not like to buy, I just let the job is canceled, so it saves me time.
You can apply for cancellation of joint

Does the seller charge extra for delivering a psd file? In that case, you might have to purchase a gig extra, he can send you a custom offer. Or you can do a screen grab, request a refund, and hire someone else.

Personally, I can’t believe a seller would reject an easy request like that. It takes a seconds to click deliver and deliver a psd file. I wish the revision requests I got were that easy.