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Revision Requested After Job Closed

Hi Fiverr’ss
Have a buyer who wants a few revisions after the jobs been closed for almost a month. No contact or review left originally. He is asking how much.
How should you handle this. I could do the VO for free and ask for feedback within TOS . Or partially charge for the job redo. Not sure how to handle this



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Well you can do it for free if you want to make him your customer for life time you can provide one revision for free but yes if you don’t want to you can ask him to generate another buyer request for you.

Your buyer wouldn’t be able to leave a review after this length of time - I think it’s been reduced to 14 days now.

Sounds like he’d like a custom offer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh thats right he can’t. I don’t get these video production guys. Most are on the ball. But a few must be smokin fat ones and living off Scooby snacks.

Yesterday I was a woman. Today I’m a pot head. Fantastic.

To be honest, I’d charge your buyer a close to full price, minus any commercial rights if they purchased these previously. It is not uncommon for resellers selling video and VO work to have patchy communication and organization skills. I get buyers turn up weeks after orders have closed. Give them a free revision and they keep coming back for more.

You also need to be careful concerning CS. If your buyer makes a habit of asking for revisions long after orders have completed, CS might consider the original order as not fulfilled. If your buyer then complains if you are ever unable to provide a revision (illness, vacation etc), CS might simply cancel the original order.

Make your buyer pay and it will be clear that they are paying for a new project. Also, make it clear when you deliver how many revisions your buyer is entitled to and in what time frame.

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In the past people have said the buyer should be able to get the revision even if the order has completed (eg. one seller mentioned they came back over a year later I think for a change to a video). At least if they still had less than the specified nr of revisions the package or gig allowed for taken - and that it could be delivered via message.

I suppose it might also depend on how much work was involved.
Maybe Fiverr should clarify this in the TOS.

Thanks for the advice …

I did what you said. I’m not running a charity , and I don’t work for Fiverr

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I handle revisions for free like this when I did a mistake, so in the end the buyer will receive what they requested for, which is not against ToS.
I believe when your are fixing a mistake your did, this is not a free work delivered, you are just adjusting your job in a way that the buyer gets what requested for.

Fiverr encourage buyers and sellers to deal these things personally. Only contact CS if it’s really necessary.

"We encourage our Buyers and Sellers to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails after using the Resolution Center or if you encounter non-permitted usage on the Site, users can contact Fiverr’s Customer Support department for assistance here."

I charge for revisions when the buyer ask extra work not agreed or mentioned initially.

Yeah not a mistake , customer changes

In my, case I would charge, because you are using your working time to extra work (not agreed previously).

I friendly explain that the buyer may be in the same project, but the work I have to do is all new.

My opinion with this is: services cant be returned. You cant change a service for another, like we do with products. The seller who worked certain project, cant get back their working time, in a way to provide another work (or upgraded work) for the same price. So, extra work = extra charge.

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Its going to be a re-read, so a do over.

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Of course, it should be viable for the client too, so you can maintain a good relationship with your client.

I such cases I do some discounts, depending what needs to be done.

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