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Revision requested but time limit is close

Hello! Today I got an order for an article writing gig and after delivering my work within 6 hours (24 hours delivery time), the customer asked me for a revision. He told me not to work until he sends me certain modification (“after work today”). My concern is that the time limit is going to be overdue (as now there are 12 hours left till delivery).

What should I do?
What are the consequences of an overtime delivery?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t think that requesting revisions without an actual revision request is allowed … you request a revision when you need something .

The order won’t get late or anything , the initial delivery has to be within the deadline that’s all

He told me general things that he wants me to change but told me not to start working until he sends me instructions.

So you mean that if the initial delivery was inside the 24 hours delivery time, there won’t be any problems if the revision overdues the timelimit?

that’s right , no problems at all

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Ok, glad to hear that. I have no problem to offer a revision of my work but I don’t want any problems with cancelled/overdue orders.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

LE: The customer submitted a dispute extending the delivery time with 24 hours. I have accepted it and the timer is now at 1 day and 4 hours. Is it going to affect my account or my rating? Is a bad thing that the customer asked for a dispute?

if he already requested a revisions why did he ask to extend the delivery time… there’s no point of doing that

because the revision did not imply any time extension and the clock was runnning due to timezone difference

it doesn’t matter… if he asked for a modification by pressing that revision button the delivery time wouldn’t be affected even if you get that big LATE on the order page. If you delivered the files by actually pressing that green delivery button and attached the files there within the time frame everything is ok

I think neither of us did know this so we’ve just tried to work things out.

My point is: Will my rating drop because of the ‘order dispute’?

probably not , I don’t think there’s a reason for your rating to drop if you delivered in time

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Thank you! :slight_smile: