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Revision requested- Completely NEW request

I’ve had three buyers ask for revisions and their requests are COMPLETELY different than what they had originally asked for. How do you handle this? One buyer kept asking me to cancel and Fiverr did cancel that order… further exploration lead me to believe this buyer did this to multiple people. I also had someone mark that an order was complete after I sent the order and said, Please let me know if you need anything else including revisions, then give me a terrible review because I “didn’t answer the request”.

Anyone else have advice on how to handle these situations?

yes This is a terrible thing in Fiverr.
Lot of buyers are really decent people but some of them are misusing this revision option,according to my knowledge I don’t know is there any way to claim your right,But you can contact Fiverr support team and ask to review your related order history
Fiverr Support Team is really helpful.