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Revision Requests within 24 hrs?

Hey sellers,
I’ve just got the new metrics shown in my dashboard, and noticed there’s a message saying “This is how often you answered order messages and revision requests within 24 h in the last 60 days”.

I haven’t found enough documentation on this one, and something came to mind… isn’t that a problem? I’ve had a LOT of clients clicking the “Request a Revision” button, but then asking for some time to think on what they want to change, often times adding 3-5 days more to the delivery times… how can we deal with that? There’s nothing we can redeliver, as they are notes still to be made by the client.

As far as I know, those metrics aren’t counting YET in terms of restrictions/leveling, but I can’t be certain about that… At the time being, 81% is showing there, and that’s what’s concerning. I’ve been a Level 2 seller for quite some time now, and fiverr is my main source of income…

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Like has been said in the other thread, it might just be that Fiverr wants a response to the order/order message/revision request within 24 orders (not necessarily the actual revision done in that time). I’m not sure what the best message is when they don’t actually say what the request is but posting an appropriate message there within 24 hours if they do might help with the order response rate.

Though they haven’t said it it affects the evaluation stats currently or exactly what it affects (I assume it affects the search rank in some way).

This is the help page for it:

Gotcha, thanks for the link. I couldn’t find it! And yeah, it makes sense now. Thank you!

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