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Hi there ! I hope you’re doing well.
There is an irresolute client, s/he is constantly sending new requests. S/he has asked 11 revisions so far. It is not normal because I haven’t offer any revision. Although I follow the new requirements as s/he wants, s/he sends new revision requests which are not understandable.

I am afraid if this client is a scam person and I think s/he may leave a bad review. That’s why I sent a cancellation request to Fiverr.
However I wonder to know how is it possible to send 11 time revision request when I don’t offer any revision?


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It’s a well known problem, but Fiverr hasn’t fixed it yet :frowning:

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oh, I see! Thank you very much for letting me know (: I wasn’t aware of the problem.
Let me ask another quwstion to you. Will CS accept my cancellation request?

before cs first customer shud agree to cancel if he or she doesnt then u can approach cs

I’m not sure how you sent a cancellation request to Fiverr, but if you sent them a message they are probably going to tell you to try to solve it with the buyer.

Why don’t you try sending a mutual cancellation to the buyer through the resolution center? Just write something polite (so that they will accept it), like “I’m really sorry but you’ve asked so many revisions that I’m afraid you may need someone different to work on this. I hope you understand, thank you!”.

If by any chance they don’t accept it and end up leaving you a bad review, you can always reply to the review with your side of the story, so that future buyers will read what happened.

But usually they accept it, because they will have their money back and can go bother someone else :wink:

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Of course s/he will. They had taken 45678 jobs done without any payment. Actually I am ok with it. I just do not want to give any negative effect on my ratings.

I feel buyers r misusing their powers here

atleast for ur efforts some kind of payment shall be made to u which fiverr does sometimes but issue is then customer will get chance to review u

No… Fiverr compensates sellers (sometimes…) when the buyer is a scammer. This is probably not a scammer, it’s just an annoying person and OP doesn’t mind cancelling, so I don’t see why she should complicate matters.

Thanks for writing the sentences, that’s very kind of you! Can they able to write their comments when the project was rejected by CS ?
What is ‘‘OP’’ ?
How Fiverr willi compensate it? Will they remove the review?

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I didn’t know that customers’ thoughts could be changed. Are you sure with that?

Haha OP is “original poster”, I was referring to you :slight_smile:

If they accept the cancellation they lose the right to leave a review, don’t worry about that.

What he meant about “compensation” was that Fiverr (sometimes, very rarely) gives some of the money back to the seller when they were victims of a scam, but this is not the case here, I think the buyer is just being annoying and difficult.

Yes it is true (: the buyer is just an annoying and difficult person.
Let me ask do another query ^.^ It was done successfully with what the customers requested. But still the customer wrote an unfair message. Will CS delete the revire?

I went to your profile and I don’t see any bad recent review, so what do you mean?

Or do you mean, IF they leave a bad review? If they do, CS won’t remove it, but you can always reply to the review explaining what happened. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t accept the cancellation, they don’t have anything to lose…

When I started working on Fiverr, I encountered with a scam buyer. She left a wonderful one star on my profile, it took 1 year to change the bad impact of that rating. Thats why I’m afraid of unfair reviews…
I haven’t sent any cancellation request yet. I try to not give a negative effect to my ranking, thats why I send a cancellation request to CS.

When CS get back to you with the usual “work it out with your buyer”, you can point out to the buyer that you have done several reviews as a courtesy, but from the next one you will have to charge for all subsequent revisions.

Stand your ground.

Love your designs, by the way …

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Thank you for your advise and compliments on my work (:

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