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Revision status - Buyers offline for months... What to do?

Hello guys! So, the last 2 months I had this weird experience with buyers requesting revisions then going offline. Currently, I have 4 orders that are in “Revision” status, I attempted to contact the buyers for more details so that I can redeliver a revised product, however, all of them have been offline since their initial revision request. I tried to contact them multiple times (Via inbox and through the order page) however, non of them ever got back to me. Now I’m stuck with 4 orders that are 60 + days in revision and the buyers are nowhere to be found… So my question is… What should I do in this situation?

I’m afraid that if I redeliver the file the buyers will leave a bad review because they will get charged (maybe they tried to avoid that with the revision) and that would be unfair because they did not get back to me for 2 months+. Yet, I don’t want these orders to be in revision forever and I certainly would not like to cancel them. I would’ve happily adjusted to their needs if they got back to me but the communication is pretty much non-existent at this point with them vanishing right after the revision request.

I’m stuck with this and I don’t know how to proceed. Anyone been in a similar situation? How do I solve this?


Redeliver with a message that says something like “I’m happy to revise, but I need instructions from you. If you return, please send them to me, and I’ll revise for you.” (Whatever terms you’re comfortable with.) Redeliver, let it approve automatically, and if they contact you afterward, revise.

At this point, a chargeback is about the same as sitting on the order indefinitely. You don’t have your money either way.


Don’t leave your orders hanging in revision for too long. According to one of the posts I’ve seen a while back, they might get “stuck” as “delivered” after the delivery is eventually made and CS can’t do anything except: a) tell you to “convince” the buyer to complete the order; b) cancel it.

3 weeks is an absolute max. UPD: According to Frank, it’s actually 3-6 months. But either way, the time is limited.

The solution in this case will depend on the communication with the client. If it’s absolutely clear that they’ve given you nothing to work with, based on my experience it’s safe to deliver again with a message @melanielm suggested above.


I think the limit is 3 or 6 months.

Any time you deliver past that and the order will never auto-complete, your buyers will need to accept and review for you to ever see that money.


I was sure it was 3-4 weeks. Because I had an order that was hanging in revision for 27 days and I remember thinking how lucky I was to get it done before it was too late.

It was enlightening to find out there even was a time limit.

I have similar situation before…,
My buyer didn’t reply to any message after he ask a revisions
Just saying…, “i’m busy…, will provide you with detail later” and gone missing for 1 month

In my case, I redeliver the last project…, and mentioned that Buyer can ask the revisions via inbox later.

Later…, the project was autocomplete after 3 day…, and my buyer didn’t contact me at all.

Yes I had to find out the hard way after roughly a year of a buyer leaving the order in “under modification” mode.

CS can’t do anything other than cancelling past that point.

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