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Revision submission deadline clock

Is the time for the revision fixed or resets after the original timer.

I had a gig in a 24 hour timer and I submitted in around 10 hours. In the morning I got an alert saying the buyer has requested for a modification and the timer was running at just over 4 hours.

When I got the alert, I was outside and I had to rush back soon as the modification required more than an hour.

If I miss a deadline for the revision timer which started like this one, 4 hours. Will my order be marked as late?

No! If I remember, the system just counts down from how many hours you had left when you deliver, but I’ve had orders sit for a week or more in revisions (due to clients wanting to get approval, or make other changes that took time).

As a best practice, deliver them ASAP, as client satisfaction is higher for a quick delivery. That said, the system will NOT mark you late.

The idea is to push us to get the revisions done ASAP, but that’s just a reference timer.

If you delivered the first order on time, it’s on time no matter how long the revision takes.

Some buyers just ask for a revision because they don’t have their evaluation done, even if there is nothing wrong with the original delivery.

I’ve see “LATE” hundreds of times over my 3000+ deliveries during the revision process, but ZERO of them are actually counted late.

Just get it done as soon as possible.


Thank you. Your input was very helpful.