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Revision system is abused so much by the buyers!

First time in the forum, but listen to me, FIVERR, please make the revision feature better, like if I give 2 revisions then the buyer should be able to ask for 2 revisions only, and then after the buyer should see the option to pay for more revisions, seriously, this will take a lot of stress from all the sellers who are abused with infinite revisions. SERIOUSLY !! Take note of this. :sob:


It can happen… you are right however it’s part of the game and we can’t do much about it , refusing to do revisions even if they are not included can end up bad for us sellers … I am very used to it and I learned to be calm about it. Most of my buyers are following the rules , it also matters a lot how you talk with them … I usually try to help them out even if there are no revisions left .


This one feature to limit revisions could be life saver, hopefully in future !! *fingers crossed!!

I think that there was such a feature … I know that in the past the buyer wasn’t able to actually press on the modification button if there were no revisions left however I believe it doesn’t work now because I have people that are requesting more revisions that there were included.

I have done like 17 revisions and i only offer 2, it is written clearely in Bold letters on my gig that it is a limited revision only gig. I was filled with rage.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I don’t wanna go through that again.

I know , I understand but other than that you can just cancel the gig , if you contact support they will advise you to talk with your customer , we are a bit limited when it comes to this issue but again , it’s part of the game

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Can’t we discuss this with the buyer that only 2 revisions were in the package and if they need more they got to pay?

If not then Fiverr should remove the provision of revision from the gig

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Most of the buyers understand what’s included and what’s not but there are people that are going to abuse the system , it’s the same as anywhere online … nothing new :slight_smile:

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yep, this world can’t be perfect :slight_smile:

Hi @wanderingartist - welcome to the forum.

You are very clear about the number of revisions on all of your gigs. I suggest you politely point out that your gig(s) include [however many] revisions and extra ones are charged at $x .

Many buyers assume that if the revision button is there, then more revisions are included, but you can point out they’re not. I did that just the other day and now have another order.

Just because they ask for a revision, doesn’t mean you have to give it to them!


true… but it depends on your buyer … most of the times if you won’t revise what they ask you might end up with a cancelled order or a bad review in all cases it usually ends up bad for the seller .

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At the moment they’re being taken advantage of. They’re clear about how many revisions are included. They should not allow themselves to be bullied into spending their life doing more revisions.

Those are not the kind of clients anyone wants to encourage.

The OP is level 2 … they need to stand up for themself ( <— that is such bad grammar, but #2 daughter is teaching me to be gender neutral!)

Why don’t you say no?
Do it in a polite way and ensure that you do both of your revisions absolutely correctly.
Also, after the first revision, if they decide to ask for another revision, tell them that this is their last free revision and that they should check to ensure that what they ask for this time is everything they want revised.
Take the lead as the seller, don’t let buyers dictate what you do. 17 revisions is a joke but from my point of view it is a joke that you have allowed to happen.

Yes the buyer can still request revisions after the second one but that is the point when you send back a custom offer for an additional revision. It at least brings it to a head where you might do “just one more” for free and the buyer goes away feeling they did well to get an extra free revision. As it stands they don’t see any issue with having asked for 17.
Take control!


I agree totally, but you probably wouldn’t attract as many of these people if you didn’t charge so low.

The cheapest people always demand the most and they have no concept of courtesy or value.


Personally, I think nothing we can do about it :frowning:

We Seller which main priority is “customer satisfication”, sometimes can’t do anything about picky buyer and we can only accept it :frowning:

Even though Fiverr actually improve the revisions systems, Buyer still able to ask revisions from inbox. And if we don’t provide them, chance that they will give us a low rate…


There’s so much you can do. That’s why it’s important to understand branding and buyer perception.

There’s a reason people don’t walk into a fast food joint expecting gourmet cooking.

I did tell them I have a limited revision policy, but their response was " I paid now just do it or I will cancel order" after working for a week I couldn’t just have them cancel my order.

If you don’t rate them back, the rating doesn’t show up on our profile.

12 of them was just me delivering the same file xD and them requesting revision, I worked so many hours on that and I couldn’t let that be a cancelled order and have it affect my stats. I did tell them it is a limited revision policy, you will have to pay more but they didn’t, after I was done, I blocked them. But I made them wait for a week for revision, that was all I could do.

BTW your words “take control” reminded me of Old Gods of Asgard - Take Control song from Control game !! Awesome

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The revision number clearly doesn’t work the way it should so it is important that you communicate with your buyer and let them know that you won’t be offering more than 2 revision and cancel if they give you any trouble. I also think it is important that Fiverr makes it harder for people to get more than revision that a gig allows because what is the use of adding a limit if the button clearly doesn’t work?