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Revision taking forever and countdown clock not working?

Hi - I put in a rush order for 2 days and have requested a revision. It has been about 3 days since the revision request and every I login to look at the request the countdown clock shows over 4 hours. What are the rules with revisions and timing?

You may want to contact the seller to see if they received the request. There are times when messages don’t go through all the way

Fiverr isn’t perfect with the messaging system. Bugs are experienced on a number of occasions. However, if it’s been 3 days since the revision request, I would contact the seller to see if there’s any issue. If there’s no response, you can always cancel the order to process a refund.

The normal time that it gives for turnarounds on revisions is 24 hours I believe but I could be wrong about that. That is just what I have noticed when I do them. There is no reason it should be taking three days to do a revision on anything. I would contact the seller and then cancel if there is not a delivery soon.

I have a similar issue. The seller did not complete the gig. However she/he returned docs to me and now it is showing that the gig has been completed. I have been in contacted the seller and no response. I spent about $250. Is there a policy for that. I still need my gig completed. And the resolution center is not available. Is there another way about getting my refund so someone else can complete this gig. --Highly disappointed.

The seller responds right away to confirm that she received the revision…but it’s over 3 days to receive anything from her (once again, this was a rush order). I’m now on my second revision (the gig allows 6) and it’s been another 3 days…

I don’t see a way to cancel the order at this stage.