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Revision time is count as late, so please review in delivered time

Most of the buyers still not aware about it that if he/she doesn’t review tasks inside sellers delivered time then that order will count as late.

It is a serious bug from my view I think.

I have done my order in time and submit it for client revision. Then client wait to see it but when he/she reviews it and ask for changes most often it has passed delivered time and start showing that order as late.

So my cordial request please stop review time as late.

Most of buyers do not aware about it , as I see from my experience.

So dear buyers please review it in delivered time.


At least fiverr should stop revision time count as late order.

Please please please fiverr.


Take it easy, its shown as LATE but it is not.
That will not affect your rating either!
You can check with customer support about it. If you deliver the first time before the deadline, it will not be marked as late!


According to clock , it shows as late and then super late though I have submitted task.

I don’t check it customer support yet. But I see this effect on my ranking.

So I am really worried now.

I have also observed this doesnt change my rating at all

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Did you miss the post from @kha1ed just above yours? Don’t panic! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do if you’re worried.

As above.

Really it is ? Then that is a good news I think.

So if it shows as late in review time that doesn’t matter at all ?

I mean after submission ?


But according to mine , I see effect so why I feel confused.

I found it shows late, but its not giving me alert about 10% activity will be decreased for that

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Actually , that’s the confusion here. Because I see effect.

I hope fiverr should give us a concrete answer about this.

Your dashboard says late, but it’s wrong if you delivered your order on time. We’ve all just got used to seeing it.

Please speak to CS to clarify.

Thank you. I will do that.

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