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Revision time should be additional

    1. Revision time should be traditional
    1. NO, i’m okay with current.
    1. I don’t know

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Suppose Our Gig Delivery time is 1 day or 3 day and there was 5 revision or more mentioned.

If you deliver the job in 2 day and buyer do requested 2-3 times revision in that order. Your job delivery time will be 4-5 day probably. BANG ON - delivery time will count late and Your STATICS will go down than 90%.

Result = You can loose your Level Status at Evaluation day.

Anyone do agree to my point of view?

I’m OK with how it is right now because revision time is not counted towards on time delivery.
It has zero affect on your stats right now even though it shows late delivery.


Sorry but I experienced. It’s affecting on time. I can show the proof.!!
My gig delivery time was 2 day and I had delivered the job on time within 2 day. But Buyer had requested 3 times revision, Which take 1 revision 1 day. So Final delivery was done in 5 day.

My statics was 100% in Delivery time. When that order gone complete - my statics gone down and it’s showing 95%.

Then contact CS. My on-time delivery has never been less than 100% yet my revisions are outside of the delivery time by design.

There are probably 100 posts about this and all say the same thing. So talk to CS as we can’t see your account and there’s no point guessing what happened in your case.

My on-time delivery has been 100% at all times. I’ve delivered orders 2-3 weeks ‘late’ with no visible change.

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Hey. a buyer wants to give me an extra time but doesn’t know how. can you put me through?

You have to request additional time through resolution center. Open the order and it should be on the right.

Thanks. hope it doesn’t come as late delivery?