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Revision to refuse

hi, I would like to know one thing, if any buyer request to unnecessary revisions, can seller have option to refuse it. i mean, what will be option if buyer request a unnecessary revisions.

Define “unnecessary”. Unnecessary according to who?

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No. Sellers don’t have option to refuse revision. Unlimited revisions in gigs isn’t recommended. If you don’t want ratings drop just do as the buyers says.

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“Just do as the buyer says.”

No. You follow the contract. If the work falls outside of that, you don’t do it. You don’t let people exploit you to avoid a bad review.


What will seller do if buyer request falls in outside job.

Unneceassary means if buyer revision request is not in job contract

They can make a resolution to increase the price of the order (stating price), stating that the request falls outside of the contract. Explain to buyer their choices are to either accept the resolution or accept the order. If they refuse, go to CS.

I would also redeliver the order after you say this. They may just leave it and let it go to complete. But if they ask for a revision again, definitely go to CS.

I’m saying all of assuming that the work was of quality, of course.

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The problem here is that you offer unlimited revisions… Now, you must honour your word! There’s no other way and CS won’t back you.

It has been advised, ad infinitum, to NOT offer unlimited revision, and nobody seems to listen… :roll_eyes:

Por enésima vez:

Unlimited revisions is NEVER a good idea, it only brings you pain!

Unlimited revisions = Unlimited headaches


no, you cant refuse it if you offered revisions.

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If you offer unlimited revisions, then they are in the job contract, and you don’t get to decide what’s unnecessary, the buyer does.