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What is an appropriate amount of time to wait for a revision… #firsttimebuyeranxiouslyawaiting

Depends on the service you ordered and on type of a revisions. if it is a major revision most likely close to time needed to deliver, if it is a minor revision then it is like an hour…if seller is at the moment online and not busy…It can depend on many things :slight_smile:

Lotsa variables to that answer

thanks for the info… service is logo… asked to change the background image… the logo is great (and have said that)… have waited 4 days for a reply

Oh those variables… well, assuming the seller put that background in himself and hopefully layered it, it might not take that long. however, if you just ordered a $5 gig, you might have got some template logo that’s mildly adjusted to whatever. IDK. Maybe they’re sick. Maybe they missed your request (did you use the request modification feature, or did you send in a simple message–that can get lost in a black hole of Fiverr comms). Too many variables. Why not ask your seller instead of us?

That type of revision takes like 1-3 minutes… Maybe you should check out with your seller if you still didn t receive revision.

Occasionally there is a glitch in the communication systems here. It might be worth sending another note to your seller in case your first one did not arrive.

You have to remember that not all sellers are on fiverr full time. Also take into account things like time differences. I always ask buyers to ask about revisions within 12 hours of first delivery. I then usually do them within 2-4 hours of getting them back. It does depend on how big the change is though.

As a buyer always check your order as soon as you get it that way you will probably catch your seller online.