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Revisions: a few (possibly) dumb questions

Hi, everyone!

I’m a brand new seller on Fiverr, so i’m still just trying to get the mechanics of it.

I spent the last few days going through a myriad of posts in here, cause all the doubts I had woud’ve probably been answered already several times and i didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. It has been thoroughly helpful.

But then i came across this doubt concerning gig Revisions. I searched a lot of related topics, but couldn’t find the answers I need. My questions are (possibly) just dumb, so I’m sorry in advance.

1) I’ve set my gigs for a maximum of 2 or 3 revisions, depending on the package. In my head, if a buyer wants or needs 1, 2 or 3 revisions, they will have to happen within the delivery time frame. (e.g.: a 4 day delivery gig must include all revisions offered before time runs out)
Is that correct?Or am I looking at it the wrong way and you only have to deliver the work on the agreed time window and revisions are requested by the buyer after that?

2) When you’re working inside the order form (and I don’t know how it looks yet :sweat_smile:, but read about it), are you supposed to send your unrevised first work proposal through the chat attachment or click delivery button, complete the order and then wait for possible revisions?

3) I’m raising these questions after being contacted by a potential buyer. He wanted me to present him a custom offer with 8 revisions instead of 3. Those revisions were supposed to happen in very specific dates during the course of nearly 3 weeks (hence increasing that particular gig delivery time from 4 days to 20 days).
I’m not a big fan of pre-order revisions asked just for the sake of it. (In my life outside Fiverr, of course, since I have no experience here).
But imagine I had accepted these terms… What was i supposed to do in the order form? Send all 8 or 9 “drafts” through the chat attachment and only click the delivery button after all those revisions? Or click the delivery button after my 1st proposal and wait for the buyer to request revisions?

I’m really at a loss here and probably pre-worrying about nothing. If anyone has the time or patience to provide some guidance, it’d be most appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the long post. Stay safe!


Welcome to the community @vandasimoes

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No, these are definitely NOT dumb questions to ask! Hopefully more experienced sellers/buyers here will be able to answer them for you and clear things up. Kudos to you for actually searching for topics!!

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums. Thank you for your attempt to find answers before asking. It’s much appreciated.

1: This is a common point of confusion. When an order is delivered through the [Deliver Now] button and a revision is placed, the clock no longer matters. As of this post, the system only cares that your initial delivery is made on-time, even if the clock says [LATE]. Because of this, most people base their delivery time on how long an order will take. Giving yourself extra time in general, however, is a smart setup. Fiverr is 24/7, and having an order interrupt plans is stressful, so wiggle room is good.

2: This is another confusing point, as the ToS specifically states to deliver through the button. I actually discussed this recently here: Buyer issues & late delivery issue . As for sending updates, it depends on the gig/category, but I have found that lower-res screen-shots in the chat work pretty well, though sometimes I just stick to progress reports unless asked.

3: This sounds… highly unusual. Firstly, please see (FAQ) points 1-3 Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide as this is the best advice I can offer: you define what a revision is for each of your gigs. It sounds to me like that buyer wants additional work, not necessarily adjustments to work done. Have you read this thread yet? Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

Hope this is enough to get you started. If you have any questions or want elaboration or clarification, *ask. And please tag me or reply specifically to this post, so that I’m alerted to it.


Thank you so much for your post! It did help a lot, I was somewhat getting lost inside my own head XD
I’d already went through your suggested topics, but I’ll revisite them every now and then to refresh basic information.

Actually, I didn’t have any major issues with revisions when setting up the gigs. It seemed like a very straight forward thing. In my line of work (scriptwriting), it’s costumary for a client to ask for a couple of tweaks before considering the work completed. For me, that’s what revisions are. I applied that same logic to Fiverr: i deliver the order, you ask for a couple of revisions if needed.

It was only after getting that pre-order requirement of 8 revisions due to be delivered in set dates during the course of 20 days that i started questioning myself. It didn’t make sense as being part of the custom offer per se. In the end, the project could eventually even need that many revisions, but to start with that mindset just seems off.

I’ll get back to common sense and outside experience when dealing with these issues, probably the best way to handle it.

Again, thank you for your well-thought-out response :slight_smile: