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Revisions after an order is marked as complete


Hi guys,

I’ve seen a few older posts on the topic but I wanted to start a new conversation on it. Recently, a lot of my buyers would mark an order as complete and will then reach out to me requesting more modifications and sometime an entire rework of their design. This could be hours, days, or weeks later. I have even been told by the buyer that they had asked others for feedback and that is why they’re coming back requesting modifications. To provide good customer service, I have been completing these requests however, I’ve been getting backed up on new orders and am getting frustrated having to spend time continuously modifying orders that the buyer originally marked as complete. All of my gigs offer unlimited revisions but in my opinion, that means they can request unlimited revisions until they mark the order as complete. What do you guys think I should do to combat this? Or am I wrong for not wanting to continuously edit complete designs?




I do support my customers even after the order is completed. But most of them insist on paying for a new (or partial) gig. However, I do tell them -politely- that I am currently busy with active jobs and they have to be patient.

Good luck.


If you offer unlimited revisions then be prepared provide them even after gig is completed.
If one of them will complain to support, support might even cancel your order and give all the funds back to buyer because you didn’t deliver everything according to your gig (and unlimited revisions currently is one of your gig offerings)


Hi, I too get revisions on some orders. I do help buyers even after the order completion. But if they insist continuously asking for more and more revisions, I’ll explain them that it is not possible to do too many revisions after the completion.


Unfortunately, if you offer any revisions at all, the buyer is entitled to receive them pretty much whenever they want. If they disappear for a year and then come back it will be well within their rights to request revisions.

You can somewhat fix it it by limiting the number of revisions you offer (the promise of unlimited revisions would attract more people who don’t know when to stop, I’d assume) and by informing new buyers politely that you are available for revisions for 3 days after the initial delivery and would like to complete the project in that timeframe if possible.

It won’t stop all of them from coming back but some of them will let you know if for some reason they need more time and be aware that there is a time limit when they can revise the delivery.


If it’s a quick job or a repeat client I will do it for free, but if it’s an entire re-work, that’s not a revision; that’s a new project and should be treated as such. I personally advise against offering unlimited revisions, but if you must, please add to your gig description that they are only unlimited until the job is marked as complete, and any further revisions will have to be purchased.


I don’t agree. As you wrote: gig is completed. It’s done - client is happy after rounds of revisions. And when he changed his mind after 2 weeks/months/years? Well, I think it is a good practice to be elastic and take care of your client but still - there should be some limit. If the revision is big one or time consuming - it should be paid as a new or partial gig.


It’s an official response from CS a few people including me received when asking, though. I strongly disagree with it as well but still, technically:

– If you’re offering unlimited revisions they are entitled to continue receiving them whenever they want for as long as they want.

– If you’re offering two rounds of revisions, for instance, and only one was used before the order was complete, they are entitled to come back for the 2nd one whenever they want also.

Most buyers can be reasoned with but in case someone takes offense, see above.


Good to know! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


You might agree, you might disagree, but that’s the action that’s taken by CS. You can take position that the gig is completed and you wouldn’t provide more revisions but CS has a different vision on it and will simply refund buyer if you wouldn’t fulfill your gig offering. Everything as @lenasemenkova wrote.


Whoa, If that’s the case, I need to get rid of unlimited revisions. That seems so backwards…


Unlimited revisions = Troubles (and plenty)


Unlimited revisions are never a good idea.

Consider this: If you go to McDonald’s and order a cheeseburger, do they offer you unlimited additional free cheeseburgers, if you want more? Of course not. That would be crazy, and it would open the door for people to keep asking for free food. McDonald’s would lose money very quickly.

The same is true here. When you offer unlimited revisions, you open the door for bad buyers to take advantage of you… and you will lose money, effort, and probably gain a bad reputation.

There is never a good time to offer unlimited revisions. Set a limit, and stick to it, no matter what your buyers might demand. Your gig, your terms. Your gig, your right to set service limits… and your right to refuse to give your work away for free.


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EDIT:: At least here, in Dubai and not all of the branches.


That’s because soda is nothing more than carbonated water with flavoring. The soda flavoring that gets mixed into the water in the soft drink machine is economically cheap to produce. It doesn’t cost much to make, and giving it away for free refills does not cost McDonald’s much.


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I’m kidding :stuck_out_tongue: , I totally understand your point. It sounds like we both believe that revisions are a necessary evil in the creative world but drawing the line at a particular number seems… tough. I offer unlimited revisions but clearly define the scope of the revisions. I do voice overs so… a word here or there, a mispronunciation, or a blatant mistake on my part are covered. My issue is Fiverr’s take on the perpetuity of revisions. Once accepted the deal should be done. Looks like you offer at least one revision on your logo services. What are you thoughts someone coming back a year after delivery to claim the revision?


Not at all. In fact, my most popular gig offers zero free revisions. My clients can certainly purchase more work (a purchased custom revision) if they wish (and some do), but I refuse to give away my work for free. I am very good at what I do, and my work proves this, therefore, there is no reason for me to offer free revisions.

I would say no, and Fiverr supports my right to do so. Every buyer has three days to decide whether more work is necessary on what was delivered. If they chose not to do so within three days (which is more than enough time to assess a delivery), and the order is auto-marked as complete, then I no longer owe that client anything. An order marked as complete within the system is a completed transaction. Order finished.

As an example of this…

Not too long ago, I actually had a client who had ordered a logo. I completed that logo, and delivered it as requested. After delivery, there was no response from that client, and three days later, his order auto-completed. About a week later, the client sent me a message and said he wanted changes to what I delivered. I reminded him that he had had three days to ask for additional work, and did not do so. His order was therefore complete, and I was not obligated to provide any further work. In other words, his one revision option expired when the order auto-completed.

A day or two later, a CS representative contacted me, and encouraged me to provide a revision, because the client’s order terms did allow one free revision. As the CS agent noted, though, I was not obligated to do so, because the order was, indeed, marked as complete… “but, it would be a nice gesture”.

In the end, I agreed to make a minor set of adjustments, and delivered those minor changes in a message, as the CS agent encouraged me to do. The client was happy with the courtesy changes, and he went on his way.

So, no, according to the CS agent I talked to, buyers are not obligated to get more work after an order is marked as complete. My noted instance seemed like it was more of a, “please consider doing this for him so that this buyer stops pestering us” request from CS. :wink:

When an order is marked as complete, your required responsibilities to the buyer end. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pursue additional project needs – according to the terms of his/her ordered service – before the order is marked as complete.


Thanks, however, the name of the CS person is still visible in the signature :slightly_smiling_face:
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Thanks mate! :slight_smile: