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Revisions After deadline clock

I recently delivered work to a client well before the deadline, so i could have time for any revisions they may have.My client requested a revision after the deadline clock ran out. We are in different time zones, so I didn’t see until a couple hours after. I completed the revised work and delivered it, but Fiverr states that I am 14 hours late. My question is, why would this count as me being late? After the clients request, how much time do i have to complete the revision? I know the clock continues when the request is within the deadline hours, but in my case it was after. Will this affect my delivery time?
I’m interested in hearing your stories and experiences :slight_smile:

I think you should email directly to Fiverr team for support. As you can see, there is button “Visit resolution Center” in the order conversation area. Many times I have problem concerning order, I just ask them and often, they reply me within 24hs.

Please don’t mislead people. Fiverr a as wouldn’t be able to do anything here and to be honest there is nothing to deal with.

If you delivered initial order with a “deliver” button within the order timeframe any revisions even if they show “late” wouldn’t be counted against you.

When you’ll finish the order you’ll see that it wouldn’t affect your profile at all.


You are right! I experienced that. But in the above situation, it’s out of the timeframe. So what is happening to him/her?

Everything what I wrote above :woman_shrugging: He already delivered his order before the deadline and now he is in the revision.

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Complete the order perfectly. It never effect your completion rate. Be cool. :wink:

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relieved to know that;
happened to me as well;