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Revisions after holiday

We all hate revisions.

Well, all sellers, anyway.

But as part of an excellent service, we typically offer them to our buyers. I’m not strict when it comes to my revision policy. If a buyer comes a few days, or even weeks later, and need something changed, they are likely to get it, even if I have to work 30 minutes for free.

I have a goal of 100 % satisfaction for all my clients, but I never offer unlimited revisions, for a reason. I offer one.

And most clients will get what they want with that. What I’m not strict enough with, is when they get that revision.

This week I put myself on vacation mode to get some R&R. I’ve spent my days relaxing for the most part, and I’m happy to be back in the studio!

But now I have not one, not two, but three clients from 3 weeks back asking for changes. Some because they made changes to their script, some because they just wanted to use their revisions. Even after leaving 5-star reviews they will come back after two or three weeks asking for changes.

Typically, I then spend 30 minutes working on their revision, and that’s that. But when I come back from holiday with three people on my waiting list with orders + 3 changes on orders that were already completed and rated, this pisses me off. My slack on the revision policy has made buyers too comfortable. And now I have to spend my evening working on those, instead of the orders that pay my bills.

The fact that these guys are repeat customers is the only thing that gives them any grace at the moment.

I have delivered all the revisions. But from now on, I WILL charge for revisions after the order is marked complete.

Lesson learned. :rofl: