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Revisions after the job is marked completed

Hey all,

What are your general thoughts and approaches to when a buyer asks for revisions AFTER the job has been marked complete and a five star review was given? I recently had this happen and I made the revisions while noting to the buyer that normally I’d charge for additional work after the job is completed but in this case I’d make a one time exception. He then wanted more changes and was, basically, extremely rude and threatening to use someone else after all of this extra effort on my part. All of which, made me regret taking on the extra work in the first place. Thankfully this sort of thing has only happened to me one other time - most of my buyers are super easy and awesome to work with!

Now my gigs all state that once a job is marked complete, any additional work will be at additional costs. It seems fair to me but I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences on the matter. Thanks!

I provide promo videos. I offer unlimited revisions at anytime during the process. Even after 30 days. The low percentage of abusers is worth the investment in my business. I just have to build it into my price structure. You should expect 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 jobs to be difficult. Building that cost into my overall gig helps me not feel so bad when one job takes alot of work. It’s usually not the customer’s fault.

I draw the line at script changes. Script changes will require addition fees because of the amount of extra work.

Delivering that level of service helped me move from mostly $5.00 gig to $50-$200 gigs.

As I got better with my offer and communication, I have been able to stream line the process to help with the number of revision requests.

As more intensely needy customers reorder. (And they will because your service was awesome) You just raise the cost of your custom order to compensate. If you want to work with them again.

The cost of keeping a customer many times is less than the cost of acquiring a new customer. Finding a provider on Fiverr is a major hassle for the buyer. They want to love your work and they want to use you next time rather than starting the process over.