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Revisions after the order autocompletes

I appreciate everyone commenting on this post. It made me realize that I might be overly accommodating with my overall approach to the revision process. Which is where the frustration comes from at least partially. I’m not sure whether I need to consider raising prices or limiting or eliminating free revisions altogether yet but what I considered reasonable is clearly not making me happy.

People tend to take advantage of my time and patience way more than I’m comfortable with.


I guess that almost all of us made that mistake. Sometimes we simply expect that people act based on what we consider respectful or we tend to think that everyone know that it doesn’t make sense to take advantage on other people work, but unfortunately it’s more easy to buyers to do that behind a computer, without the need of a real connection. I’m absolutely sure that you will change things to make everything work better for you.

I have found that emotion is different for everyone. Italians speak with a lot of passion and emotion Americans like a more natural tone. This is the core of what we do as voice artists. So, I also include a checklist in my requirements. It includes tones they can check and they can check more than one. This gives me a better clue to what they are thinking. I also just added a check list of who is the audience which helps tremendously! So with all this information, I do my best to create the right tone. I send samples to all buyers not just the big ones. Samples help both of us determine what they are looking for. I will send screen shots of the new checklists.

Rarely do I charge anyone for a re-read because I should be able to get the right tone if I’m really trying to communicate with the buyer. If they say “free revision” it does make me question the buyer. I will resend samples until I get it right.

The fascinating thing is that the more I stretch myself for a buyer (but in a genuine way after all the back and forth) the more I get a tip. So if you charge more for the additional read you may risk a poor review (which can be devastating and avoid that at all cost) but if you just suck it up and do it, a tip is almost certain. So if it’s the money you are going for, just make the client happy. But after every situation like that, I go right to my requirements and tweak them so we don’t have the mis communication again. Slowly but surely I am weeding those buyers out.

I hope this helps.

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Here are the voice over requirements I created. Trust me…all of these were created out of the same frustrations!


Thank you so much. That helped a lot. When I talk about buyers wanting free revisions I’m talking about situations when I realise that people have no clue about what they want and they ask me a new recording just because. Fortunately, most of my clients know what they want. But sometimes I have people that are unable to tell me what tone they want and after the first recording they say “oh, you need to read with more passion” and once I deliver the file they want to get back to a neutral recording again and I clearly understand thay they just want 3 versions of the same script because they didn’t decided yet what they want. So, I believe that addapting and improving my requirements is going to help a lot to prevent this type of situations. Regarding small corrections to the recording, I don’t offer free revisions at my GIGs but if it’s something that I can do easly I immediately do it. And yes, usually that makes me end receiving a tip.

Thank you so much for your valuable help. :pray:


Are these clients agencies?

Agencies can be sooo bureaucratic and slow. Ugh.

Two of them are “teams of people” who refer to themselves as “we” a lot. Which never fails to be a sign of potential trouble.

@filomena_silva the samples serve as a little appetizer so they can hear it in real time. Sometimes I send samples over and over but it’s better than recording all over and not even knowing if they will like it.

I finally got wise that some buyers just wanted multiple options for the client and they just “told me” that they need it different because they promised multiple takes to their client.

Well no more! I don’t work for free! Samples are all they get until everyone tells me YES!

I also add a text box so they can explain anything I missed and 1 last box to tell me why they chose my voice. I created the last one by suggestion from @anthonypica or @atpcre and it gives me a clue about what it is they like about my voice. Not everyone fills it out but most do.

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OMG! I totally understand. It happend with me with one specific client. The recording was never ok. He was always saying that it sounded like if it was missing something and he was asking me to record over and over again. At his first order I recorded the script 4 times and at 5th I had to be more assertive and ask for an example recorded with his voice own voice, since he was always saying that I was not understanding what he wanted. He immediately marked the order as complete. At the 2nd order he had the same behavior and at the third one I said prior to the order that he used all the revisions that I could offer him on previous orders and that all the re-takes would be charged. He never ordered again.

Now if they don’t tell me that they are reselling my services, I cannot guess and I don’t send any sample (unless it’s for a large order) and every review or re-take has a cost.

I only send samples to a buyer who ordered. Never a non buyer.

I now have a sample gig. So if they “love my voice” so much they should be willing to pay for a fully produced sample. I have really weeded out the “remote controllers!”

Yes, custom demos just for the ones who ordered. My sample GIG I share with everyone. And if a client wants a custom sample before placing an order I will not do it for free. I receive custom sample requests all the time.

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