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Revisions and Resolution Center - Question

Interestingly enough, this is kinda new to me and I would like to share it with the community for feedback from other sellers.

I delivered successfully one of the most demanding and complex piece of content writing work (custom order) I have experienced so far. The feedback I got was that my job was very good but buyer requested a revision for a small issue he found. Please note that this issue was not a mistake by me or something that did not comply with the written job final agreement details. In other words I was 100% “OK” with my first delivery. Without considering anything more to say, I did some extra work, free of charge, altering my already successful work and delivered it.

And here comes a second revision requested by the buyer who now request that I do extra work, specifically using every keyword I was given although in the instruction it says I can exclude keywords I can’t use easily. This as a result will end up in making me exceeding a word limit he sets in the final agreement instruction so I contacted him to make a disclaimer that, if I will do according to what he requests, it will end up in a result that exceeds the word limit I was given and therefore it will not comply with the final agreement instructions I was given. Buyer have not replied yet so I did the second revision and added the disclaimer.

My point is, requesting repeatedly revisions is something one can solve via resolution center? And what happens if the revision requested results in a delivered work that violates the buyer’s initial instructions?

Please note that I did not include a number of revisions in my custom offer but I usually type a message where I offer to do revision if a change is needed when I deliver the work. Also, note that I was given 24 hours to do the first revision. After delivering the revision successfully 5 hours before deadline, I was informed of a second revision request 12 hours later. As a result when I clicked to view my order page it wrote “LATE” with red letters. I am never late delivering. This is an issue too. Because if you deliver a work on time and buyer requests revisions again and again, you are characterized as “LATE”. Isn’t there a cap or limit to revision requests? Can’t the seller be somehow protected by not getting the “LATE” sign? I guess resolution center handles these issues and I preferred not to contact them this time. For the future, I would like to know.