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Revisions are still been made

I had offered a client 3 revisions in a gig… but i don’t know how he has requested more than 7 revisions till now.
Any Help ?

A buyer can keep asking for revisions as often as they want, despite the fact you’ve put a maximum of 3 available.

It’s up to you to decide when enough’s enough and say ‘no more’.


Imagine if fiverr made candy vending machines. Buy a bag of M&M’s and out comes the candy. Now keep pressing the button and each time more free candy comes out. What could possibly go wrong?

It is time to have the revision button gray out after the number of revisions in the gig has been exhausted. It could also switch to read “purchase additional revisions” once exhausted, or for gigs like mine that don’t have any included at all.

How is this not already in place? Probably because it is more of a time waster for the seller than it is a revenue loser for fiverr.

Me last night…


Amen! It doesn’t matter how sellers try to negotiate around revision requests. The simply ability to reject an order over and over imbues buyers with a belief they are entitled to unlimited revisions as part of their overall Fiverr experience.

At the very least, Fiverr could sneakily replace the revision button (after a set number of free revisions have been provided), with a $5 ‘order your next revision now’ button.


Or even have the button switch to “Get a quote for additional revisions” Many options that I’m sure the gang here could come up with, if fiverr would just ask for input before rolling out things that they think we would like, such as another step in the delivery process.

Have they ever organized a listening session?


Yeah. I was wondering why buyers can keep pressing “revision” even if I offered only one. What the sense to limit revisions in fiverr allow to press it unlimited time.