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Revisions aren't always a bad thing!

So I don’t know about yall, but when I started, getting revisions was irritating. I’d get a voice over for someone and was like AHHH why you want revision? The longer I went though, the more I realized, hey. This dude is helping me hone my craft. Make it better. Get the best out of my work. And I really appreciated it when I saw it from that point of view. Now yeah you’ll get those guys that ask for revisions over and over for no apparent reason but there typically is one. And for that, it takes a mind to realize, just because you got them a product YOU think is perfect doesn’t mean it’s perfect for THEM. They have an idea and want you to bring it to life. So go with that mindset, revisions are there to make you understand the buyers need that much more and to help you get better at your gig. Yall keep up the good work!


I don’t mind doing revisions when the feedback is constructive. But my blood boils when I ask for initial direction, get none, and then get a revision request that just says “too fast” etc. :grimacing:

But yeah, I’ve definitely had some eye-opening revision requests!