Revisions/ clients that are... particular


Not really complaining, moreso just venting. I don’t mind customers that use the accepted number of revisions. I don’t mind customers that are detail-oriented and want to get something right.

It just feels crappy to think that you’ve delivered an exceptional product, only to have it get shot down over and over again. I do appreciate my customers, and most of them have been fairly easy. I just have one today that’s been a lot of back and forth, and it’s a little stressful.

How do you deal with that? I feel like a jerk for even being irritated. I communicated as nicely/professionally as I can - I’m now concerned I won’t get a 5 star rating because they rejected it three times. I’m so new that thought makes my heart sink.

And if you did get rejected as many times, if not more, did the customer still leave you a 5-star review for trying as hard as you could? :sweat:


I don’t think you should feel badly for being a bit annoyed. I think it’s human to be a bit peeved when we’re told the work isn’t good enough. I have one client like that right now. He asks for revisions over and over on very subjective things like character dialogue and which adjectives should be used. He’s done two orders with me and just placed a third. It gets on my nerves a bit, but I just have to remind myself (again and again) that it’s not personal. He’s buying a product and as long as he is within the number of revisions offered, he’s entitled to ask for changes. I just grit my teeth and do the revisions. The emotional part of me wants to take it personally, but the logical side of me knows that it’s just business and he just wants to get a product that he’s happy with. I did end up getting one five star review from my picky buyer (out of two orders). So, maybe yours will still give you a decent rating?


Maybe he will - only time will tell.

Thanks for sharing your story. I was definitely gritting my teeth this morning. I gave him a free revision at the end (as there were really only two) in hopes he might be swayed to give a better rating.

I don’t know. And yeah, it’s nothing personal but it makes me sad because I just started getting more sales. I don’t want to receive a bad review so early on before I even get going, y’know?



Fingers crossed! The free revision was a good idea given the circumstances :slight_smile:


At that point starts your irritation.
As we all should be proud of our work, I would never define any of my works as exceptional. That’s having too high expectations and the smallest revision/critic from your buyer will put yourself in “defense mode”. After all, what we deliver is subjective up to a certain point: you can consider your work exceptional, others can see it as average.
I’ve used “subjective up to a certain point” as you need to deliver what your client orders, so you cannot be too far away from this path unless there were misunderstandings or communicational problems.

In this case I believe your client managed to put some doubts about your work, in order to start asking for more and more revisions, which he will get for free due to the position of your Gigs: you’re starting.

At that point you need to swallow the frog, and deliver what he needs, or, when it’s getting too heavy to handle, communicate with Customer Support to get a cancellation.

Better an earlier cancellation than a 1/2 stars review when you don’t even have 10 sales.

Best of luck!


That’s a great tactic. Considering that you are new and every positive review does count, working as hard as you can to impress is well worth it. If however your buyer is harrassing you, don’t be afraid to send a message to support and explain the situation in detail. If it’s clear cut support they will surely help you out.


Luckily no harassment.

I just have to take a deep breath and let it go, I can only do the best I can :sunny:


Turns out the panic was for not. He not only gave 5 stars but tipped. I’m grateful I complied and tried to make the best of it.

Also when I say outstanding product, I just mean that I not only sent what he requested but bonus materials as well. I’m proud of my work but not overly so… I hope lol

I’ll just have to keep in mind to not set my work in an untouchable space, to some people there’s always something to improve upon. But I think that’s the tough part about being an artist of any genre.


And you’ve learnt something else, which most sellers here don’t know:

Difficult clients are mostly the best ones ($$ + Tips) :smile_cat:


I’m happy that it all worked out for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks, me too :slight_smile:


If it helps - I now specify in my reply template after receiving an order considerations around revisions. In particular how the customer needs to approach it as I had one experience where I had to keep doing revisions, so much so that the customer had, in their wisdom, made changes and then forgotten they had made the original changes then blamed me for it being wrong!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your order! I’ll get started straight away. please note in order to provide the best service possible I have written a few considerations for revisions, as every gig will have a limited number of revisions please see the guide below:

  1. When requesting revisions please ensure ALL delivered work is reviewed and any items requiring change(s) are clearly marked.

  2. If you have any questions or if something seems unclear, please ask BEFORE requesting a revision.

  3. The goal of revisions is to ensure the next delivery meets your requirements, when communicating changes that need to be made, please ensure it is as you wish it would be, as revisions are limited additional revisions made outside the custom offer terms may be charged.

Once again thank you so much for your order, i look forward to working with you. Have a great day.


I absolutely appreciate this!

Thank you!! :ok_hand::slight_smile: