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Revisions countdown

The only issue I have with the site is about countdown time for delivery.

For example if I deliver my order at 2 hours left on countdown time and the buyer use modification option it will start to count the 2 hours left again. So if I am not at pc, if I am eating or if I am sleeping I end up in late with that specific order.

That make no sense. I do explainer videos and logo designs so it is not possible to come up with the revision in few minutes. For videos I need sometimes even 2 days.

Customers understand you need more time but they don’t know how “ask for modification” option work for the seller and they end up using the button even to tell you something.

I feel there is no sense to let no extra time for revisions.

Hope Fiverr will change that soon.

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Oh gosh, really?! Never…?! I can not find a good reason for Fiverr to not change that.

I am not sure why they’ve left it that way, but I have noticed a new option as a part of the new “resolution/dispute” process that mentions needed more time. I haven’t had a need to click on it yet but I wonder what that does. While a fair number of sellers have posted about about the modification problem, for some reason a lot of them are unleveled or inactive sellers. Of course, posting isn’t ideal anyway since posts only get attention if they have enough comments to make it in forum status reports. Tickets to CS from TRS and other busy sellers are the best route to getting a change in anything.

I see. Maybe they know better why they keep that like that. I still can’t find a good reason. I always feel I need to hurry up when a customer ask for a modification.

I still hope they’ll change that.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:


If you submit a delivery before the timer runs out, you aren’t penalized for going over time. That’s what Customer Support told me. However, I now build this timer into my gigs for my & my customer’s advantage. Maybe less people buy my gigs that do this – but it seems to be doing OK.

So I have a few gigs where I “give unlimited revisions during the gig length.” – so my first delivery is 2-3 days in, and we have 14 days with unlimited revisions. One woman got 18 revisions during the 14 day window. Then she also reordered to have a longer length because she still wanted/needed more, so she became a repeat customer with a total of I think 22 revisions on her order.

I do remind customers that I have to hit “Deliver” before the timer runs out. But otherwise I just deliver a “first draft” 2-3 days in, and make revisions the rest of the time.

The gigs are book interior formatting. The woman with 22 revisions did not hire an editor for her book before getting it formatted now my gig warns customers to have a fully edited document first.

You have to figure out what works for you. But once you hit “Deliver” you’re not penalized for revision time. You DO however want to give great customer service and deliver as early as possible and try to stay within the gig length you promised your customers. Great service means repeat buyers. If you wait too long to submit a delivery, the customer may not be as happy.