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Revisions, how do they work?

Hi, Can anyone help me as to how revisions work? I have just finished an order (big order with a lot of work done on it - 3 months work), I delivered it on Sunday and now the buyer has submitted a revision and says he is still checking everything.

Will this go against my delivery time (Which now says ‘late’)?
How long can I leave it open (he wants to continue checking)?

Please help!

As long as the first delivery is on time it shouldn’t be counted as late (unless you added an an extra on the order and with a specified number of days and then were late with that).

They aren’t really supposed to press the revision button without specifying what they want to revise but I don’t think it will really affect you and won’t show up as late in the stats used by the evaluation thing.

Maybe because you gave 3 months of work it might take the buyer longer than usual to check it though it’s still misuse of the revision button. For 3 months of work it might be safer in future to use milestones instead of 1 order though, and 1 milestone might be easier/take less time for the buyer to check.

It shouldn’t affect your evaluation stats if it’s in revision mode even for a week or 2 (though whether Fiverr’s rank algorithm might be affected by it I don’t know). If it gets too long you could contact CS to check what to do.

Okay, thank you! I just open I did give him a revision, but I am sure I did. Do you know how I can check this (how many revisions), it was a customs offer.

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Depending on the actual job, I’d give it, maybe three days for them to get back, or at least update, then send a reminder. If no response after a reminder is sent, then after a week or so (and no more than two) I’d just redeliver the order.

As for revisions, you decided what counts, and what does not. If something doesn’t count as a revision, and is actual work to redo, send a custom extra to cover the cost of the extra work needed.

@marinapomorac just wrote a good post here earlier: Buyer requested 3 revisions for free, now he wants the entire work remade - #4 by marinapomorac

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It should show at the top of the order page. It shows at the top of my active order that was a custom one (says what text was in the custom offer and no. of revisions I offered).

It should also show the custom offer in the your inbox in the thread for that buyer, unless it was a buyer request offer where you could look at “sent offers” there.

If you mean if it’s in revision mode it should show as one of the last things in the order page. If you refresh the order page and it’s in revision mode the clock should still be counting but if the 1st delivery was on time it won’t count against you like I said.

Thanks, I did give him a revision. What I said that the revision was only used for anything that may be incorrect. The odd grammar or spelling mistake. Not changing any of the materials. I did send heaps of screenshots during the course of the order, (I gave him a screenshot of every page of the presentation) so that he could check before hand and complain then, not now. I am quite upset!

Then your wording in delivery note is not clear.

When you send delivery in the note you must have something along the line:

"Please find your files in the attachment.

You have 3 days to review the delivered files so please take your time to test and evaluate everything.
If you need revision or modifications that are within order budget/price please send me specific details of required modifications.

If you have problems opening the attachment notify me in inbox so I can provide you with assistance.

If required modifications are beyond the original price I will send you a custom quotation."

This is just a sample of one of the quick replies, so it will not be the same for every order.

If he doesn’t provide you with information about revision just deliver the same files again and include a message similar to the above.

By sending the " [quote=“teachernita, post:1, topic:617699”]
still checking everything
[/quote] he is abusing the revision button. He should send that as a message.


Thank you! I wasn’t specific! That was my mistake. I will tell him he has a week to check or until Friday. I think he must have a deadline.