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Revisions - how do you respond?


Hey all,
at one of my first jobs I took on Fiverr, I ended up doing numerous revisions on the tekst I submitted to the buyer. Each revision was basically due to something not mentioned in the briefing. Since then, I sell my gig without revisions included.

Today, I had a new client, who ordered a blog with no revisions. Yet, after submitting the work, I got a revision request - again about stuff which could not possibly be derived from the briefing. They basically wanted a completely different angle from the one

(a) Why on earth does Fiverr allow buyers the ability to demand a revision, when it is clear that those aren;t part of the gig?

I ended up mailing them about it, making an exception for them as first time clients, but emphasizing that in the future, this is to be seen as “added work”.

It makes me wonder, how do others here deal with such demands for revisions, when the thing demanded is outside of the info and assignment provided?

Is there a way that I can have the Fiverr system automatically charge people for additional work like this.


If you’ve done what the buyer asked and delivered, also you are not offering revisions with your gig. Just send direct message to Fiverr CS about that you done what the buyer asked and there is no revisions offered for that buyer. They’ll handle the problem from there.

Buyer should not accept a gig without revisions if they need revisions. buyer should accept the seller’s first delivery if it covers all the initial requirement. so the mistake should be from buyer’s side.


I usually offer one revision and then charge for extra revision requests. Interestingly, I got a client last year who didn’t know what they really wanted. They asked for tens of revisions on the same order until the final delivery looked nothing close to what they had initially requested. The only reason I kept doing the revisions is she was more than happy to keep paying for the revision requests. But even then, I almost cancelled the order because the requests were getting annoying. After she finally accepted the delivery and indicated she would be ordering again, I politely asked her to first of all research on what she really wants before placing an order.


Sellers can always say no to revision requests unless they specify something about revisions in the gig description. You will always get clients who want revisions done free so you can either be at the mercy of these buyers or learn to say no politely and offer them an extra revision for extra pay.


the Fiverr screen basically tells me to give the revision,or not get paid for my work. Seems like they’re leaving us at the mercy of buyers (as a buyer, this makes me happy, obviously, as a seller…not so).


This is always a difficult one especially due to the rating systems. Some clients find it a great way to get extra work done for free by threatening to give bad feedback. But I have learnt from being persistent and being clear from the beginning does pay off. I allow my customers 1 revision, and prior to doing the revision I make it clear that any further will be chargeable. At least this way it shows that I am willing, but at the same time sets a clear standard


You know what you are not only a seller but also a customer supporter to your buyer.

Maybe someone ordered you to create a website and there was no revision included. But after delivered the work the buyer asked for few minor revisions, in this situation you should do this kind of revision to make your customer satisfied. Maybe you are going to get a tip from the buyer later.

But If you someone ask for an additional revision which is totally an extra task, you may can charge extra in this kind of situation. So, if someone asking a revision which was not included in the original order then you can charge extra to your client with patient.

I always offered unlimited revision to buyers. But also warned them that I am not going to do any additional revision for free.


Of course, jameabir, small tweaks are always something you can talk about. That’s being constructive towards the buyer. My question is regarding situations where the request is not a tweak, but basically a case of throwing what you have in the bin and having to do something completely different. With the prices I charge, this is not something I provide.

How do you communicate this thing with the revisions? I find it hard to find the right “tone”.


It is seller’s generosity that he take it politely and give free revisions. But the seller should explain the buyer about the negative thing in positive manner. Like “I am very much happy to serve you and surely want to do more. [ Then send some extra custom offer in the same order] Please accept this offer to get your new jobs done”


I try to communicate very clearly with buyers about revision. It is very normal that buyers are going to ask for revisions If they are not satisfied.

I do clear with buyers that I am going to give you the unlimited revision based on the original work. But If you need any additional revision or need to create totally a new page then I will charge extra for that.

If someone ask something which was not included in the original order then you should try to persuade him that he is asking for a additional revision and that’s going to be charged extra.