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Revisions nightmare!

PROVEN HOT methods to Kill the ‘‘revisions nightmare’’ and so you finally make it to your delivery in no time!
Here are my 5 golden rules to stop buyers from frequently asking you to change their initial delivery. You can follow these tips and start having more sals - quick turnarounds and even a 20% increase in conversion.

1 - be specific about what your delivery include: this is a way to inform your client that you are delivering exactly what he is asking, so use words like ''your delivery include… ‘’ or "as you mentioned I have inclouded … " etc

2- include the description of the file: some clients are checking first if the files are all listed before reading your description so the key here is to include the name of the files matching your delivered files to avoid any confusion

3- A generic thank-you-message before and after can be a lifesaver, greeting your clients at the first sentence catch there interest you can write a sentence like: ‘’ thanks ( name of the clients ) for your order, we are almost there before finalizing your delivery please check …etc’’

4- start upselling your client and do not hesitate asking for extra work don, as this closes the chance to any revisions and open more opportunities to yourself, if the client is happy with your delivery it’s time to close more sales for more gig and custom extras.

5- be professional and include all details about what your gigs offer in your delivery message like UNLIMITED revisions MINOR TWEAKS etc, put yourself in the shoes of the clients as they are looking to hire professionals who are really taking care of there orders…


I agree sometimes buyers say they need like this before order and after order was delivered they say no I don’t need that,I have a better idea and you should do like a seller if we say that in order to do that it will cost extra they are going to say that I will cancel the order since you can’t give me what I need and this is frustrating as sellers we depend on Order Completion,On time Deliveries and Rating system.
Cancelling an order is going to affect us negatively.I tried those messages for every buyer in fiverr but still when it’s come to cancellation threat we don’t have a chance.

There should be something on this system for people like us.
Sellers like us.


This is a revisions nightmare, why anyone would offer unlimited revisions is beyond me. If I wanted to work for free I’d choose to be a volunteer.


sure, check this out : offering extras, not at the right moment can make your client upset and even canceling! in return, you can provide an OUTSTANDING delivery and if they like it then offer more extra gigs !! it works 100%


Thanks for the tips. :slightly_smiling_face:


your welcome ilcreation

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You can also stop offering unlimited revisions. That’ll kill your revision nightmare.


lol, yes in your case maybe ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t really stop doing something if I was never doing it. :woman_shrugging:

Also, you really need to spellcheck your gig descriptions. It’s “color scheme” not “color sheame”. It’s “vector” and not “vecotr”, etc. That’ll make you look more professional, not unlimited revisions.


I would say it may seam ludicrous to offer such things I might agree.
However if your good at what you do and have asked the right questions, have good communication and hit the nail on the head every time.

You won’t need to fulfil such a statement.


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That’s not up to you, it’s up to the buyer. A buyer can easily ask for revisions for micro-adjustments and you’d HAVE to comply, if it’s within the scope of the order and they aren’t asking for additional work that isn’t included and you’ve promised unlimited revisions, it has to be fulfilled.

Anyway, very rarely do I have people ask for revisions, and when they do I charge because they’re then pushed to clarify in detail what they’d like to change and I don’t end up working for free. You work in audio, if you had unlimited revisions and I placed an order I could just tell you the snare isn’t right 100 times and there’s nothing you could do about it if I don’t think it’s up to the high-quality you claim in your description.

Unlimited revisions is a big no for me, if you’ve got unlimited revisions you’re just begging to get scammed.


Exactly this. Any creative task is subjective, so there’s no right or wrong, it’s a matter of taste. Editing a video? “Hey, can you tweak the color grade? I’d like it a little more blue”. You deliver “That’s too blue, add a little warm in there”. You deliver. “Still not right, let’s try a different grade.” Etc.



noted that some of you guys are referring to picky clients! some of them asking for the moon for 5 bucks! that’s wahy these strategies could end this ‘‘nightmare’’ once for all and offer us an advantage on Fiverr as Fiverr is valuing our efforts and contribution to the community in general thanks !!

Yes I would agree on your point.
However if you as a client would ask for a review on a snare, then I wouldn’t of done my job correctly in the first instance.

As I stated before if you have good pre-communication and get the right information and feedback before you hand them what they say they want. It leaves little room for the requirements of any revisions.
Also im sure any of my new clients would ask for such a little thing as that would only hinder there creative processes. and if they did i would give them a 1000 snares to choose from. :flushed::grimacing::zipper_mouth_face: :blush:

Like I say I get your point, Be good, be safe!

Oh you’d be surprised how unreliable it is on Fiverr compared to the “real world”. Just a few recent examples from my experience:

me: Hey, here’s the first couple of images. Could you please take a look and let me know if everything is just the way you wanted, so I can make adjustments before I proceed with the rest of the project?
buyer: I will tell you what I think when the job is done.
buyer: #proceeds with requesting a bunch of small easily avoidable changes after delivery#

me: #sends 5-6 specific questions#
buyer: #talks about other things#
me: #replies to other things and asks specific questions again#
buyer: idk just do whatever
buyer after delivery: My client wanted this %specific thing I asked about% differently

me: #has a mandatory requirement for buyers to describe what they want with a brief explanation as to why that’s important to fill#
buyer: “–”

me: Do you want it green or purple?
buyer: Yes

Mostly buyers know what they want and how to explain it, but about 15% of buyers either don’t know what they want, don’t care to explain it in detail even if you ask several times, are not very articulate to begin with, just want revisions no matter what, don’t know how to explain it and it only becomes apparent afterwards (ex. buyers asks to increase brightness, when in reality the word they wanted to use is saturation and what they actually need adjusted is vibrance).

Sometimes they would be happy with the result of your guesswork, sometimes they would ask to change things. You can’t know in advance and you can’t protect yourself from them placing an order without any prior discussion. And I’m not even talking about scammers.


Wow :flushed:
You must have fun, I guess some people will be people, and others are just… :•)

Luckily I have experience with difficulty and people who are not really sure what they want, thats when it my job to help guid and move them towards there vision, help with the creative process and get things forward.

I know there are just some people who are not that way inclined, in such a case I try not to work with them.
I try get as much information in a nice way before commencing forward or not.

As for scammers, ?? I have only been active here for a week so, in real life I have not experienced them or wish too.

Best of luck!

wow. it is amazing tips for us. thanks a lot

I learned a lot of new things through this post.

Thanks for the tips.

Hey, I think we have met the same buyers :thinking:

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