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Revisions Nightmare

I recently had someone order a custom coffee mug from me, gave me a design to make and I did, they approved it for print, now my gig expressly says there are zero revisions and each one is an additional $5 and I was under the impression that each time they rejected a picture I sent as proof of print that it counted as a revision (meaning I printed another mug) and they where being charged for it but I was so wrong and after many email support tickets later find out that I’m screwed and they tell me it’s the sellers responsibility to monitor this coding glitch that makes no sense why we have the ability to set a revision amount in the first place and it’s not automatically charged to customers…They tell me it’s up to the sellers to monitor and enforce this feature but lets face it, that’s just a bad rating waiting to happen even if it expressly says NO revision on the gig description clearly. This feature should be enforced by FIverr, mostly for items that require physical shipping!

I see you are a level two seller. Why would you think that for each revision you sent they would be automatically charged another $5? You should know they need to place an order to be charged.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think there’s a built-in option that will automatically charge the buyer a specified amount each time they use the “request modification” feature. It’s just the revision extra that has to be added to the order manually as needed.

Yea I figured that out the hard way and when I first became a level 2 seller they didn’t have close to the features they have now and no one can say that FIverr has never had any bugs

Then what is the point of having a feature that allows us to set how many revisions on a gig and offer a gig extra for additional revisions?

When I became a level 2 seller they didn’t have nearly the features and extras they do now and I was under the impression that if you setup a gig with zero revisions and the ability to charge more for revisions then what’s the point of setting a gig to X amount of revisions if it’s just there for looks and a customer gets mad over having to buy more revisions I’d think that would lead to bad ratings don’t you?