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Revisions Option Disabled!

My newly created gig showing some misbehaves…
The drop-down option for choosing revisions times is disabled…
Can you please show me a way to solve this issue?
Thank you…



Yes I am having the same issue while updating my Gig the Revisions field automatically disabled and it shows 0 Revisions on front-end Gig page,i think there is some glitch in it !!!

m_hussain_320 Have you already talked with CS what do they say about this glitch?

No not yet…Please let me know if you do so…
Thank u.

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Yesterday this issue gets fixed,other fiverr sellers were also experiencing same issue,but yesterday I edited my gig and go to Revisions section and now the fields are enabled,check yours by editing your gig and going to Revisions section!

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