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Revisions problem


Hello fiverrs. I have a new gig which i really need to get more sales. So some days ago someone ordered my gig. I have 2 revisions in this gig but she keeps asks for revisions. Today she asked revision for the third time. I really need to make her happy and leave me good review but i am afraid she will keeps asking for review. What should i do?



You could strike a balance and offer her one extra revision as a gesture of good will.

Hopefully if you explain to her that you offer a maximum of two revisions per order, but are willing to be generous this one time, she will appreciate that and won’t take advantage of your charitable nature.


I am really afraid that she will give me a bad comment and rating


It’s always a possibility, unfortunately.

How big are the revisions she’s requesting? If they’re small, I guess you could continue to work on them until she’s happy. But then there’s always the risk she could order lots more Gigs and ask for endless revisions all over again. Difficult customers tend to get even more difficult when they know they can get away with it.


Not very big. I think i will give her an extra revision and then i will explain her and i hope to get good review


Ok. I guess you could work with her until she’s happy. But, if she orders again, you could tell her you can only offer a maximum of two revisions this time.

That way you could avoid a bad review and avoid her becoming too demanding.


You have “Unlimited revision”. It’s a big mistake. The customer can ask you how many revisions he wants, without you asking for a price for a possible revision.


OoOoOo. Maria! Unlimited revisions? :open_mouth:


No. Only one gig has unlimited revisions. I will change this. I am talking about my other gig that has 2 revisions


Oh ok, that makes sense.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope it turns out for the best. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can ask for an additional revision, in double exposure and vintage GIG.
You can give him a revision. In case he wants another, then you can use extra option for “Additional Revision”


Yes i believe this is my best option