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Revisions Question

Good Afternoon Community,

My question is as follows:

Hypothetically, let’s say a buyer purchases my gig with a 2 day completion time. I am ahead of my queue, so I complete the order on the same day. 2 days later, and with 30 seconds to go before the original expiration time, the buyer requests a revision…

  1. Will I receive a late penalty on the order?
  2. If not, how much time do I have to complete this revision?

Thank you for the help! :blush:

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If you finish the order then you should deliver it, this way you won’t be late.
And the client should accept it or ask for edits, its ok.
So, delivering it the way that can make you safe from being late.
Revisions is about editing after delivering.


No. As long as the original delivery was on time, your order won’t be late. Until you deliver the revised order, you will see LATE in very big, very red, very annoying letters, but it won’t actually count as late.

There’s no rule.


Thank you for the crystal clear response @catwriter :smile: You rock!