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Revisions to infinity and beyond

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with a client requesting several revisions without paying extra? How many do you let them ‘get away with’ so to speak? And, if after several tries, they are still unsatisfied, do you just cancel the order and let them have the work you’ve done for nothing to avoid a negative review? Any information or stories of personal experiences are appreciated. Thanks!

I do voice over work. Sometimes, a client wants a very small change that’s easy for me to do so I don’t charge them–if they’re nice. Sometimes they want a big change after they’ve already used their revisions. I tell them I’m happy to make these changes, but (usually because of a change in script) I have to charge for the words I am replacing.

To be honest, I think the best way is to nip this in the bud. My gig page says my orders include two free revisions and anything else is paid. When someone makes an order, I always tell them they get two free revisions. When I deliver the work, I again tell them if anything needs changed, to use one of their two free revisions. Putting that idea in their head, that revisions aren’t always free, will get them thinking. Since adopting that strategy, clients will ask, “I’ve used my revisions,” or “The order was marked as complete a month ago, but…” And then ask me how much it’ll be to fix whatever.


Send them the message that you don’t provide unlimited free revisions with the link to your gig terms and a screenshot. I usually do that before starting to send additional revision extras and funnily enough, a lot of people approve the work immediately or very soon after.

The craziest situation I had was a buyer changing the text color for 20+ times, over and over. It was the only revision every time and she’d pay for some revision rounds herself, without being reminded to. It started to look like a troll attempt after a while and I wrote her that if she had any issues with the project or myself, we could cancel. She told me she was just “color designing” and I shouldn’t take this personally. Then she approved the work.

I think some people just like to see how far they can push it without paying you.

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Unfortunately, as a newcomer you are prone to be target for people that like to get free work. They know you don’t want a negative review, therefore they will push it.

But this shall pass, and the time will come where you couldn’t care less about a lying buyer and you take your money fair and square by delivering awesome work, and not free revisions.

When those better times will come stay strong and don’t deliver free work and don’t offer refunds. :slight_smile:

The more sellers will take a hard stand against abusive buyers the better.

Also, learn to promote your services so well that you don’t depend on Fiverr’s algorithm to get sales, therefore you won’t be hurt if you get demoted by unfair cancellations and things like that.


Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the info…I do wonder sometimes if they are just baiting me…hahaha

Thank you! This was a really encouraging reply :smiley:

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Same here. I offer one revision for free, and I honestly don’t mind changing something minor even after that, if the client is polite. I just am worried about one case where it seems like they have a problem with the sound of my voice, which is irritating since they selected it. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks for the good advice!

That is a disaster I am sorry to everyone who has to go through this oh my goodness

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Revisions are at your discretion. Sometimes they just ask for them to get variances. If it is not offered for free in your initial gig offering, charge em. If they are not new users you have nothing to fear. This is why blind reviews are a good idea in these cases. I had one chap wanted a revision the other day that not only was not on the menu, but was profane. So I just reported the buyer. If by chance he leaves any kind of review , I’m gonna leave a stinker! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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