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Revisions with source file


I have this situation:
The buyer ordered logo with source file. I made the delivery with source file. The buyer asked the revisions, in his words “For revision one” to change the central icon.
After visiting his website I noticed that my logo is already in use, because ofcourse source file is not protected by watermark.
So how I should deal with this situation?
Thank you!


I thought Fiverr had this safeguard in place, where the buyer cannot get the source files unless they accept delivery?

Isn’t that the case?

At any rate, a revision is a tweak on the original design. Minor changes, like colors, kerning in text, font even. that sort of thing.

if the buyer asked for something major, that means they may be fishing for a free alternative version, or brand new logo even. (since they have the source files, they can eventually figure out how to type in a new business name)


It seems that the buyer can access the source file without accepting the delivery.
Anyway I did the changes that the customer asked me without demanding any explanation.
I was thinking how I should deal if the buyer asks futher revisions. I’m quite new here on fiverr.


Hi @winnipooh
You should send your file with mokeup for approval saying that if it works I ll attach source file and transparent file in inbox. This really helps for me. (Advice is for avoiding such misshapps next time).



Yes, thank you. I mostly do the same:)


Except that you’re not supposed to do this as the buyer should get the actual files, watermarked, before accepting the delivery.

No buyer should accept delivery before seeing the final files.

The OP should make sure they have the watermark turned on for their gig. If it is turned on, then the buyer either accepted the order as complete in which case the seller is under no obligation to do revisions, or they had the watermark removed in which case report them to CS.