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Revisions within timeline

I have a gig with 3 revisions offered at the premium level. More than once, revisions have been requested just before the timeline of the gig is up (4 days in this case - revisions requested late on the 4th day) I never mind revisions, but I want to figure out how to keep the order from being marked late after I have made the delivery on the first day of the order, and then waited for the customer response and had to bust my butt to complete revisions before the original timeline. I had the thought to offer the revisions as an extra with no cost, but I find no way to do that. Any suggestions on how you deal with this issue (is it an issue for everyone?)


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As long as the original delivery was made on time, the timer for revisions doesn’t matter, as it has no effect. It’s more of a suggestion. So I suppose it’s a non-issue.


Well, I had an order tagged as late when the (third) revision was delivered just shortly after the original timeline was up, so apparently it’s an issue.

But did it affect your “On-time Delivery” statistic in your analytics page?

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It did. That’s why I asked.

I wonder if it’s a new update from Fiverr. It didn’t affect it in the past. Though… it wouldn’t make sense unless they also permitted sellers to somehow have a way of stating how long a revision will take.

The original deliveries were made through the ‘deliver now’ button, right? I’ll admit I’m at a loss, if that is actually the case.

Maybe this is an actual bug. I’m sorry, but I’m out of suggestions. In the past, this hasn’t been an issue. :woman_shrugging: