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Revisions worse that original submission

New to Fiverr - tried two different sellers had the same result with both.
Original design/work not bad but when I provided revisions it got worse.
Then it got worse yet.

No real value added here. Was hoping for talented individual that could do more than what I could do and that was not the case.
English not first language - revisions clearly not understood and images getting worse.
I’m now at a point where it is costing too much time/money to proceed with not getting what I wanted.

Don’t see any value here at all at any price!

Oh really? At any price? Or did you go with a seller promising the world for 5$ and didn’t even care that they didn’t speak proper English?

There are a lot of bad sellers here, and there are a lot of good ones (in every price range, pretty much). You just need to do your research.

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I’ts so bad that you had this experience, but, there are many sellers here on Fiverr that are not good at all.

Try and do a bit more research, and, also, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s most likely not true, specially in the design categories, there are many sellers that offer too much for too little, and end up being a problem, rather than a solution. Good luck!

yes at any price. Wrong is wrong. Cheap is wrong and expensive is wrong. And how exactly am I supposed to research - none of the previous feedback for this vendor gave me a hint of this. Should I now slam him and her and leave them with poor reviews to help future buyers? And this was not a 5.00 deal. AND I willingly paid for an additional revision because vendor didn’t understand what I asked for in the included revision - so money is not the issue.

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Why did you hire someone with bad communication skills in the first place? Makes no sense.

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@susank777 As a buyer, you have the ability to filter your search for new sellers or top rated ones, English language or others and so on.

I don’t get it how a buyer could possibly fall between a bad seller’s hand. You should get a lot of info from the seller before ordering. And you should at least have a 20Min chat with him which you can tell if English is his mother language or not. You really can’t blame anybody for your choice of a bad buyer. Unless the buyer is lying about the information in his profile, this is another case.

@newsmike Mr.Mike already created a post yesterday discussing how bad buyers are affecting Fiverr and actions should be taken against them.
Maybe you can share your experience too on his post so you can encourage the idea.

Sorry to hear what you’ve experienced, I believe you have the ability to check all the details needed about the seller before ordering.

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Damn, no. I can’t be wasting 20 minutes with every client before they order -_-’

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Then don’t create a post and complain about why you get bad sellers who are wasting your time and money. If you spend 20Min at first talking with your seller & discussing what should he do. You’re actually saving time & money.

I’m a seller. I didn’t create this post. And you can tell if a seller is native in the first 10 seconds.

My bad, here’s my comment edited “If you spend 20Min at first talking with your seller & discussing what should he do. You’re actually saving time & money.”

I’m not giving the 20Min as a should. I’m just pointing out that you should chat with your seller some time before buying. 10 min is fine too. But 10 seconds??

Let me guess your order was for the regular 5$ dollar basic gig!?
You get what you pay for!

Just look at the gig description and some other information and, in 90% of the cases, you’ll have more than enough information to discard the seller immediately.

Don’t forget that he can hire someone to create the description for him. But he can’t hire someone to chat with his clients :wink:

NO IT WASN’T. Which was already stated.

It would be lovely if everyone who sold anything anywhere gave excellent value but we all know that is not the case whether it is food, logos, houses etc. It isn’t right that people say they will do a high quality, unique design when what they do is a template customization. However, policing this would be a really tough job so it falls back to the buyer to assess what they are buying and who they are buying it from.

I think the majority of logo designers I have seen on Fiverr do ok, template designs which are cheap and suitable for a blog or something like that. Someone can create 1000 of those, get great reviews (because they deliver what they said they would) and then get TRS but this does not mean they will then suddenly be able to create an amazing, unique logo which encapsulates everything about the business it is representing - it just doesnt work like that.

When choosing a seller, any seller who does not talk about doing hand sketched or rough drafts, concepts etc initially makes me think that they are working off templates. Might not always be the case but it makes logical sense to me.
Why on earth would someone create a complete logo without checking if the client likes the idea first? If the initial concept is wrong then you have only spent 10-15 minutes (?) on it. If you complete the logo before the buyer sees it, then you have to go right back to the start.

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I don´t see it as waste. It doesn´t have to be 20 minutes if right questions are made from both sides.

Taking the time to talk about the project is crucial. I couldn’t even imagine accepting a project before talking about it and knowing I´ll be able to provide the right solution or if we could work together as a team.

I rather invest a few minutes on evaluating the first impression and then see if we can move forward.

At the beginning of the conversation, knowing factors such as Deadline, Type of Work, Is there a description/brief?, Do I understand that description?, Budget - should be enough to get a first impression.

If all seems good then we can get into details.

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