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What is Revisions on gig.
Kindly let me know.
What does mean it.
Revisions unlimited or 1234567

How many revisions are you prepared to do? There’s your answer.

This means if the buyer wants a revision and you placed “unlimited revisions”, he can always request a revision until he is satisfied with the output but if you only place for example “1 revision”, that means he can only ask for a revision once.

Theoretically, unlimited revisions cannot exist, as the participants would both die of old age first. Fiverr is very clear about its company policy on revision requests:

We all know that the people who jump on the unlimited revision boat are, in 95% of cases, likely abusing it. The remaining 5% is just bad buyers. Of course, “personal taste” leaves room for a lot of interpretation regarding definitions, but that’s what Customer Support is there for. I have no revision policy, as I prefer to take each case on its own merits and deal with it from there.

That said, modifications for writers are less of a hassle than for e.g. graphic designers, and when a seller says “give me a logo” with no further information other than “don’t include the color red, or use anything with childish undertones” then gets angry when they get a logo that looks nothing like they imagined, should they really be offered a revision? Or should they be roundly told off for their own lack of care in playing their part in the whole client-freelancer process–even if it is just $5?