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Revival Account Request

Why account is disabled. I didn’t do anything harassment and threats towards other users. Anyone can disable my account? Who is responsible for my account and my hard work

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You could try emailing support at if you don’t know the reason for it being disabled.
I assume they could have sent an email about it or a notification.

Fiverr would have sent an email explaining what the violation was.

What did that say?

He telling me this email but I have not do anything.

Hi, zeekhan1122,

Your account was flagged for inappropriate behavior. We condemn bullying, harassment, and threats towards other users. Any threat to withhold payment, delivery, or using the rating as leverage is a violation of our Terms of Service As a result, your Fiverr account was permanently disabled.

Due to your account being disabled, you cannot log in or withdraw any funds you may have.
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.

Sounds to me like you must have said something to a Buyer that the Buyer disliked.

Go through your chat communication in your Fiverr account to see what it may have been.

Fiverr doesn’t do this willy-nilly, they would have had a good reason to take this action.


Maybe show CS evidence that you did nothing wrong eg. maybe show a screenshot of the last messages on the orders & messages in the inbox showing you didn’t do any of the things they said.

I’d check if you mentioned reviews to the buyer or feedback or asked them to accept a delivery to get something maybe.