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Revolut, Monese, N26 - any way to withdraw Fiverr's money on a "banking without borders" service?

Has anyone tried to withdraw money from Fiverr using a borderless banking service, like Revolut, Monese or N26. I have tried to add my Monese bank account to PayPal, with no luck, and have sent a message to Payoneer but no response yet. Maybe someone is using the services above in conjunction with Fiverr?


I’m interested in this as well, as I use Revolut too. I haven’t tried to withdraw yet but since Revolut gives you an IBAN and a BIC, and Fiverr allows you to withdraw via “Bank Transfer,” I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Have you found out more about this since you created this topic?

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It does not work, because when you want to use Bank Transfer it will be connected to the Payoneer, and in Payoneer you need to set up a bank account and there is no Revolut in Payoneer bank list. :frowning:

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Ha, I see. Then the easiest way to go about it is to withdraw through paypal and then transfer to Revolut, I guess.

But you can withdraw to PayPal and connect PayPal with Revolut. - Or at least you used to be able to do that.

I would prefer to be able to withdraw my Fiverr earnings directly to Revolut or Skrill. However, Payoneer seems to have a bit of a monopoly on several freelance marketplaces. :frowning:

Maybe in some countries you can do it, but I have failed and couldn’t connect PayPal with Revolut.