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Revues for cancelled gigs

There needs to be a way to revue bad sellers when they cancel a gig. In the past I’ve had sellers either give me very bad product and/or are very, very bad at communicating! In many of these cases the seller then simply cancels the order because they know they will get a less than 5 star rating from me. This allows the seller to get high ratings under false pretenses so they can continue to get gigs, thus wasting other buyers’ time! These “cancelled gigs” revues can be simply the check box type (Poor communicator, poor quality, delivery late etc). And these revues needs to be accessible to buyers on the seller’s page! I bring this up because I’ve seen this issue being discussed at multiple business sites and facebook pages when someone suggests as a place to have tasks done. I believe the negative experiences describe is costing you,, and good sellers, business!

Well, you don’t have to accept cancellation. I’m not entirely sure because I’ve never tried this, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s a way for a seller to cancel the order without buyer’s approval unless they ask CS for help. If they can cancel on their own to avoid getting a bad review, you need to reach out to CS, because what they’re doing isn’t allowed.

That being said, what you’re proposing might harm many other sellers. Just like sellers, buyers can be dishonest too and often blackmail sellers, leave poor reviews on purpose, or try to get the seller to agree to cancellation so they can get free service. Honesty goes both ways.

I agree that there are many, many scammers here on both sides, but not everyone is, and this system you’re proposing could affect everyone. If in the future you don’t have a choice when the seller cancels, you could report the issue and provide evidence that you’re right, and if you are, I believe CS will back you.




I have turned down about 150 gigs this year from people when I said I did not want to do their work. Most of the time they hurl insults at me. If they could review me, I would be screwed.


I’ve had several buyers purchase my gigs either by complete mistake, or didn’t realise I didn’t offer what they wanted, despite the fact my gig descriptions are quite clear. These were all cancelled mutually.

Why should they be able to leave me any sort of review when the mistake was on their part?


Cancellations already affect the sellers by decreasing their internal search ranking. So a bad review ALONG WITH a cancellation would be like rubbing salt in the wound. :smiley:

So no way would any seller approve of this idea.


OK…I can understand why bad sellers don’t like the idea. And yes, there are unfair buyers too. Here’s an example: I purchased a gig from someone who claimed to be a retired lawyer who could write a real estate buyer’s contract. After several back and forth messages and revisions it became very clear to me that this seller had no idea how to write contracts. Many misspellings, grammer errors, paragraphs cut and pasted in that had nothing to do with real estate! We finally agreed to cancel the gig but the delay cost my business money due to a lost real estate deal. And, no other buyer can see what a bad experience I had with him because, NO REVIEW! It is good cancelling must be mutually agreed but I’d have to pay for a useless product to warn other buyers about him!

No, good sellers don’t like the idea. :slight_smile:

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Yes…agree that too. But I personally would give a good review for a seller despite cancelling the gig if he/she still made an honest effort and just couldn’t do what I needed AND clearly and promptly communicated! But can’t do that either! By the way, I tip 95% of the time when I get good product!

I agree at such cancellations, buyer get no compensation for delay time wasted. But buyer should choose the seller carefully…

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