Reward of honesty


Some days ago I got an I complete it properly as he want.buyer want changes I change them and again deliver.he want changes again at last 5 time I change.and this time he ask for change and just said hello. He don’t tell anything what need to change at last he accept the deliver and give me 1 star rating :joy::joy:


I don’t know why you should put these:

With that review you’re almost out of the game, as you’re risking of not having any possibility of offering your services on Buyers Request… plus: having a bad review too soon will scare any other potential client.

I wouldn’t be so happy… :confused:


Are you laughing all the tension out? Pretty good idea.


I think he used the wrong icon for tears, dude that is not tears icon, it is lol icon, maybe the problem is also with you not reading the client request properly and delivering things that are not to the level of client’s satisfaction OR you just had hard to please client, either way 1star review will harm your operations in a great way, thus tears being the right emotions to display.


The buyer that gave you 1 star and left a bad review is a seller himself and he’s from your niche only. I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY.