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Rewarded for Hard work and can Remove Negative Reviews

It happens. Sellers get a negative review when they didn’t expect it. I bet in most cases, most of those negative reviews are not deserving. When you have a subjective rating system, you are bound to get buyers rating you differently than others based on their idea of what is and is not deserving.

Fiverr you can make it easier and rewarding for sellers by allowing them to remove a negative review for every 25 positive reviews they receive after the negative review.

For example, I get a negative review today and even though I tried to convince the buyer to let me fix it, they ignore my messages or pleas and I’m stuck with a negative review I don’t think I deserve. Or an emergency came up and I’m late on a gig and get a negative review.

Fiverr to the rescue! We don’t have to bug CS about what we think is unfair. Instead, when a sellers gets a negative review allow them to remove the negative review if the next 25 reviews are positive. As we know, after a negative review most seller’s morale is down…this will give them something to work for. Seller works harder, Fiverr makes more money, CS is bugged less and sellers can recover from something they didn’t expect.

Lets make it happen…Fiverr.

I was told that if I gave a free add on (that actually costs me money) I would get a good review, and when I didn’t I got a 1 star. I did the screen shot and sent it to customer service but I know it will take forever. There has to be some other way of handling the rating because that one 1 star destroyed all of my 5 star reviews that I’d gotten for months. I refuse to give in though. I’d rather take the 1 star and stand on principle.