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Ridiculous Account Warning


This buyer gives me 1-star for my flyer gig, in the “buy again” section. Apparently he thought I was a graphic designer, so I promised the guy that if he changes the review to 5 stars, I will refund his order.

You stated the issue is:
I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer”

Then Fiverr tells me I must contact them to refund the order because the order was closed. Yes, the automated system didn’t let me refund him because the order was now “closed.” Never mind that I didn’t even reply his review.

Then I’m told this:

"Thank you for contacting us about this. We can cancel this order for you. However, we cannot remove the feedback on the order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously. It is against our Terms of Service to “solicit the removal of feedback reviews from buyers through mutual cancellations.”

Keep in mind that it is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit."

Then I get this:

Hi fastcopywriter,
To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you do not try to manipulate or find workarounds to “trick” our system. This is considered as improper behavior and a violation of our Terms of Service.”

I read the terms of service (5 pages long), there is no mention of my situation.

Some of these buyers don’t think before they order. They don’t read the gig description, and then we’re the ones who get punished.

  1. Our ranking goes down.
  2. We lose money.
  3. We get a bad review

Of course, Fiverr tells me this:

"Hi there,

Our feedback modification request is available for users to send to buyers to modify their feedback in case it was placed by mistake or if there was an issue. It is not available for sellers to solicit feedback removals by offering a cancellation to an order. The warning was left on your account by our Trust and Safety team for requesting the buyer to update their feedback in exchange for a cancellation. This is a violation to our Terms of Service. In the future, please refrain from attempting to solicit feedback changes through cancellations, discounts, upgrades, or any other type of additional benefit.

At this time, we’ve cancelled the order for you and your buyer. If you run into any further issues, please contact us again."

Next time, I’m keeping the money and the review. This aggravation isn’t worth it.

Frankly, I think we sellers are between a rock and a hard place. If we get low reviews, our rankings suffer. If we refund, our rankings suffer. If we ask customer service to refund an order, our rankings suffer and Trust & Safety gives us an account warning.

What are we to do? Deliver our orders with words such as “If you’re not 100% satisfied for my work, click “Resolution Center” and start the refund process.” I used to write that, is that even allowed? Or will Trust & Safety get angry?

Come on, Fiverr! You have too many rules!

Fiverr wont remove negative review

You should add to do that before they leave a review! Let them know that once they leave a review no refunds are allowed.


It’s not the refund that’s the problem, it’s your promise. Why on Earth would you say that in the first place?


I totally get your point, but I agree with the others that you should not offer to give a refund in your communication with buyers.


I used to do that, but then I removed that line. Sometimes you end up giving people ideas they didn’t have in the first place. Besides, some people are never 100% satisfied, and a 4-star review is not the end of the world.

Next time, I’m just keeping the money and the review.


i’ve ranted on this before, but it’s been a long week of myself being in a similar situation, so here we go…

there needs to be an option for sellers to flag an order that is either completely irrelevant to their services, or the buyer ordered incorrectly for the services you provide. we should be able to flag it and send a message to the BUYER that for reasons a,b,c,d,e and EFF that your order didn’t go through. You have option to correct it within 24 hours or it will be automatically cancelled. if fiverr wants to be involved, and they get a notification of this happening on an order to make sure orders being rejected are valid, fine by me.

IMHO more useful than a trust and safety team spending their time on reading messages that POTENTIALLY might have a seasoned seller be stupid for a day and contact someone outside the platform. (yes i know some people do break the rules in the messaging system, but from the latest forum posts, it seems flags are being triggered more often for moot points… as in true story: i was flagged for mentioning ‘zip files’)

and if fiverr is concerned about a loss of revenue by a seller rejecting an order --they shouldn’t be, because hello, why on earth would we attempt to do something we DON’T DO AND GET A BAD REVIEW FOR IT?! more bad reviews on our profile mean less people buying it.

if i say reject 1 out of 30 orders, it might be 5 bucks, and the buyer becomes educated and spends their 5 bucks on someone else. how are they losing money again? fiverr keeps the money, responsible sellers keep their sanity, and the buyer get what they want. HOW HAS FIVERR NOT SEEN THE LIGHT ON THIS YET.


I had no idea that promise was illegal. What about this? A buyer solicits a refund of a $10 order, I accept and give him a lecture, the buyer feels guilty, and makes a $5 order to make up for his past actions, without expecting work in return. Then I deliver nothing, because that’s the agreement.

Am I breaking the rules?

See? That’s my issue! There are TOO MANY RULES! Trust & Safety is turning me into a nervous wreck.

I don’t get why Fiverr is so difficult. Refunds don’t hurt Fiverr, the buyer just hires someone else, and if the buyer paid a fee to order, chances are he’ll pay another fee. See? Fiverr gets more fees! So why am I the bad guy?


There was a lot of talk about this on the forum when they first changed the policy to say that you can’t offer refunds or other benefits in trade for review removal. It really sucks for a good seller that is trying to do the right thing,

The problem is, they didn’t change it because of sellers like you. They changed it because it finally got enough notice that there were quite a lot of unskilled sellers with 98-100% positive feedback even though their whole profiles were lies. These people were begging for or exchanging reviews to get a decent stack of semi-fake good reviews. Then they would take advantage of buyers who were trying to be nice and offer them refunds or other stuff if they would leave a good review or at least remove a bad one.

Buyers who were new would buy these bad gigs because they saw a few positives and no negatives, and then the buyers would never get to good sellers because they’d leave Fiverr. I think this is going to be rough for a while for good sellers who have an occasional real reason to cancel, but with the pressure to not cancel and the fact that you can’t trade anything, I think there is a little pot of gold at the end. The number of bad sellers will decrease as they are revealed.

Good sellers will have to cancel less and take some lower reviews here and there, but they’ll get paid. The days are gone where a cancellation was the lesser evil. You’re on the right track, just keep your payment and the reviews will get buried anyway.


When people don’t read the gig description and are expecting something else than what we offer it’s unfair to the buyer to get what he didn’t want and unfair to the seller to have to deliver it, and only when the bad review comes do we find out that the buyer did not read anything about the gig. So the buyer’s unhappy and the seller’s unhappy, and this does not help fiverr.


It says it in the ToS. You’re supposed to read that.

Your next situation is wrong too. Also in the ToS. No agreements for empty deliveries. So yes, that would be too. There’s a tip system the Buyer can use to tip you. (anybody know if that still works with a refund?)

“Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button (located on the Order page) according to the service that was purchased and advertised on their Gig.”

So you are required to deliver work or proof of work using the Deliver Work button.

“Using the Deliver Work button may not be abused by sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in this Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the seller’s rating and result in a warning to seller.”

It’s not fulfilled because there is no work and no proof of work.

“Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the order as Delivered.”

So if you mark it as Delivered but don’t send files/proof of work, you broke this rule.

All of those are from the ToS. By using the Fiverr site and/or app, you agree you will follow it. Even if it sucks.

You might be able to create that as a Custom Offer, if you delivered a real work product of some kind. Or a Custom Offer for their next order from you that charges them less than a higher priced Gig, or something like that. The ToS also says “no nonsense” so they might get annoyed if you offer an empty delivery via a Custom Offer or something like that. It would be wise to get ideas from someone who has a lot more sales than I do.:slight_smile:

@fonthaunt I do agree that it’s not the best system. It’s an imperfect solution to a problem, and I can understand both sides.

Actually, I run a website that’s pretty simple, and has no login or user accounts, and the Terms are multiple pages.


@artlifeoriginal In theory I see your point on the ToS. @fastcopywriter asked essentially if someone wanted to send him $5 and expected no work, was he in the wrong by accepting the $5 and delivering no work. Your concept from the ToS is accurate, but in reality you also have to consider the expectation of the buyer.

Tip gigs have long been acceptable on Fiverr and while the tip system has made them mostly irrelevant, Fiverr still allows them. I don’t have one anymore but I recently helped a potential buyer a little bit prior to an order (it was a special situation) and the potential buyer ended up not needing to order at all. I only spent a few minutes on it, so it was fine with me. The buyer was grateful, though, so he purchased a $5 gig anyway and wrote in the requirements that he didn’t need anything but wanted to tip me for the free suggestion I had made via inbox.

That has happened to me on a few rare occasions, so I have an image file that is custom made to be like a thank you card. I delivered it to the buyer as usual. The buyer liked the image and marked the gig complete. So, technically there was delivery based on buyer expectation, but it was not what the gig itself said I would deliver. I don’t see that as rule-breaking, so I don’t think fastcopywriter would be breaking any rules either if the buyer had no expectation. It is a grey area though, so do you still see my scenario as against ToS?


You’re confused, the no work order didn’t get me in trouble. What got me in trouble is that a buyer ordered a flyer and was expecting graphic designed when I’m a writer, I did the job, but there wasn’t much to write because the buyer pretty much wrote everything, so he gave me 1-star for buy again, and that’s when I made my offer.

Looking back, I realize delivering the order was a mistake, I should have simply refund the order or deliver without using the delivery button. This was a 5-day gig, and I had 2-more days to deliver.

The $5 no work order was something else that didn’t get me in trouble. What Fiverr doesn’t realize is that buyers and sellers make all kinds of deals within each other, people change their minds. In that situation, it was a $10 order that I refunded because the buyer was unhappy with my work and I didn’t want a bad review. However, the buyer felt I deserved to get paid, so he offered to paid me.

Ironically, the terms of service indicates that one must deliver a file or proof of work, for example, a web link that shows what you did. So in that situation, I might be violating TOS without knowing it. That’s why I’m complaining that Fiverr has too many rules, and sellers are gonna get hurt in the process.


I’m guessing your reply was to @artlifeoriginal since I think you and I are on the same page. My statement was that it shouldn’t be against the rules to get paid for nothing when the buyer doesn’t expect anything. As you said [quote=“fastcopywriter, post:12, topic:110706”]
the terms of service indicates that one must deliver a file or proof of work,

or something like it, so that’s why I send an image file with “thank you” on it when I get a no-expectation order. The rules are becoming somewhat smothering. My hope is that seeing Fiverr clean up some of the bad sellers accounts means they will need less of the “whip” in time. I don’t know if that will really happen.


I’ve always felt that Fiverr was the perfect platform because it was self-regulated by the marketplace. You’re a bad seller, then you get bad reviews, then no more sales.

I don’t want Fiverr cleaning up anything, I think the more they get involved, the more they hurt us. The Trust & Safety committee is a fiefdom with no appeals. I don’t want Fiverr to become like Facebook where you can get banned for a week if too many people complain about what you wrote. Facebook is too lazy to use human beings to review complains, the algorithm decides, too many people report you, then Facebook assumes you’re in the wrong. Then you write FB CS and they don’t get back to you.


This NEW Fiverr Review Policy is SOO RIDICULOUS beyond any means.

I am going through the SAME situation right now. Irrational buyer buys gig, leaves a negative review, I speak to them nicely, they decide I am right, they want to change the review, but can’t because it is considered “soliciting” or “tricking” my customers. I even have consent from my buyer to remove the review but STILL no!

So my question to you Fiverr is HOW can we fix a negative review if you don’t LET US? I accidentally clicked withdrew on the feedback modification with my stupid elbow and now I’m trying to talk to support to help me.

I really hope Fiverr brings attention to this matter! This feedback stuff NEEDS TO BE FIXED PROPERLY.


I went from 40 ORDERS IN QUEUE to 10 after my negative review from my best gig. Please explain how I’m “going to get paid” now? This is unfair to sellers like me to make a living off of perfect reviews. Not to be dramatic but one irrational person who now regrets their mistake basically is costing me my revenue.
Buyers are not aware of the negative consequences with poor feedback.


I don’t trust reviews on Fiverr. As far as I am concerned, the system doesn’t work.

I can’t tell the difference between a seller who has inflated reviews vs a seller who has truly earned them.
I don’t like it when a seller tells/asks/advises/pleads with me to give them a 5 start review. I will give the review based on the merits of what I have received from the seller. If everyone did that, the system would work. Currently, deals are made, guilt is given to buyers by sellers - reviews are sometimes inflated. It doesn’t help anyone.

This is an issue that Fiverr needs to figure out how to take care of. Because the system doesn’t work, buyers and sellers feel caught in the middle. If Fiverr doesn’t fix this, the overall reputation of the platform will decline because of the inflated ratings and the low trust factor. That means everyone loses. :neutral_face:


I am sorry to say but CS has a point.

I am surprised you didn’t find anything, here it is:

Copy from Fiverr’s TOS!


Leaving a buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations to our Terms of Service.

Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their buyers through mutual cancellations.

Even though you didn’t solicit the buyer for a removal of feedback you still solicited him for a change of feedback in exchange for a refund.

Look I understand your point and I would be super upset too, but your better option would have been to ask your buyer to contact CS and figure out the review thing.


Fiverr just recently started implementing changes. I believe we will see more valid reviews in the near future.


Good to know!

I am looking forward to it! :slight_smile: