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Ridiculous budgets in Buyer Requests

hey Fiverr family, am I the only one who gets utterly wound up with buyers who continuously demand more words for the low end money?, spotted this morning someone actually trying to spend a budget of $3 !!!
I think its about time we sellers just stop replying to these, it belittles what we do and opens the door for more of the same, I also think Fiverr should monitor more what buyers are advertising before allowing the ads onto the request page, Rant over, Fiverr we love you

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Buyers have the freedom to spend how much ever they want… Be it $1000 or $1…

Fiverr cannot stop those buyers from posting ridiculous buyer requests where they ask for a piece of the moon for $5. It is your discretion as to whether you wanna respond to it or just ignore it.

Are these ridiculous BRs affecting your business in any way? If not, why be fazed by them? Just ignore :slight_smile:


There’s a seller for every buyer. I bet that $3 request received offers.

Look at this way, it’s better to find out the budget before you spend any time on making an offer.


thats very true, I suppose its just me lol, everyone ive met on Fiverr and all ive met are super professional people, who should earn what they are worth but having said that , point taken:grinning:


You have the option to not engage, in my animation field I see ridiculous requests for $5-10 (stuff that would take forever to produce) but also professional posts with very enticing and reasonable budgets that go from hundreds to thousands of $.

Sometimes it’s buyers who don’t know how much work it takes to produce their requests, sometimes they’re hunting for desperate low bidders.
It’s a dynamic market with a wide variety of clients, from individuals to startups to established businesses. Keep an eye out.

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Some of my best BR customers have been from people with a low offer. I gave them the price for my services, and when they were curious, explained why they were better off spending their money with me–and they did! That isn’t to say ALL buyer requests will turn out that way, but it doesn’t hurt.


I just offer them what I want to be paid for the job. Sometimes they accept… (not often!)

It did wind me up, but I think there are a few BR with low budgets, that are just setting the bar low to see what they can get away with, or what’s out there.

I have been on a very low budget before and guilty of offering low budget BRs, specifically looking for new sellers who need the feedback. I’ve had great work done and tipped accordingly. If you send out a BR, you will receive all kinds of custom offers.

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I don’t know why people get upset, just ignore them. Fiverr is a marketplace, buyers are free to say “I need this for $X” and we’re free to bid for more or not bid at all.

Not all sellers work for the money, some are working to get reviews, pass time, engage their creative juices, etc.

Fiverr isn’t a union or labor syndicate, we don’t act collectively here, we act as individuals.


Well then your “Avg. Response Time” will drop.

The OP is talking about not responding to (sending offers to) certain buyer requests on the “Buyer Requests” page, eg. those that want an unrealistic amount of work but say they have a very low budget.

Not sending an offer to a buyer request (ie. one that is shown on the Buyer Requests page) won’t have any effect on “Avg Response Time”.

The only thing that will affect it negatively is not responding quickly to an initial message you receive from someone you haven’t received a message from before. Actually not responding to a message would have an affect on response rate (It might be that “response time” only takes into account the average response time of the first messages you respond to within 24 hours).

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