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Ridiculous Buyer Requests

So i have read a couple of ridiculous demands made by buyers in the BR section, but this one takes the cake.
Here it goes

“i need 2 html pages that should be native, it may be php also. i have 4 theme links to get all files and styles as i need. and i have 2 jpg to explain the style of the 2 html pages i need budget is 5 usd, delivery should be today. thanks”

It has 29 offers already


Yep, and they’ll probably get it done for $5 too. I’ve commented before about a Buyer Request I saw ages ago, the buyer wanted someone to professionally record a narration of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka in 3 days and prepare it 100% for ACX publication. I think their budget was like $20. It would have been something like 20 cents an hour and you would’ve had to not sleep for 3 days and work all hours of the day to get it completely prepped for ACX. They had quite a few offers.

Buyer requests are where desperate sellers go to get orders and exploitative, ruthless buyers go to take advantage of people’s desperation. It’s a shameful corner of Fiverr IMO.


Some buyers request are not so bad. I got my first two offers there and they were decent ones. But i see so many these days that are quite outrageous and even start with threats - “DO NOT BID IF…”, “I WILL REPORT YOU IF …” That puts me off already.


I have only sent 6 buyer requests on my time in fiverr purely cause of ridiculous pricing.

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on byer request client want a quality work with high concept. but on side they give only some price.

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In my area of expertise I see also requests were buyer offer unrealistic tasks for their budget. If I’m qualified I still send my offer and a quotation accordingly to my prices if they provide all the information that I need. If not, I make questions.

Of course that at least 80% or 90% of the people who put a budget of $5 to a job that has a value of $50 or more will not answer to my request. However, if they start to receive offers priced accordingly maybe they will start to understand that what they are asking is not reasonable.

There are two options when they ask a high quality work and they only want to spend $5:

  1. The seller will be exploited;
  2. Or they will get a $5 job and they will claim about it.

last whole night I study on a request matter, make strong sample for buyers, I was excited because the buyer need 70000 data crawling from a sites, But when start talk make offer, He start offering me from 5 dollar (Firstly I offer him Basic gig package). At last he want 30 dollar for 70000 data crawling with many many conditions.

So what I do next ? what you think?

My best suggestion to that is communication. Make your client understand what he is asking. Sometimes is not their area of expertise and they really have no idea about what they are asking for. Make him understand how many time and skills you will invest to do the task that he is asking for and then be very clear about what is included and what is not. Even if you have to copy-paste some repeated information from your GIG description. Make sure that your client understands your message.

And also, don’t start working on a client project before you get an order, even if they are samples. Samples you must have since the beggining and not creating them to each buyer. If you don’t understand something about the client request, ask, as many times as you need, to give him the right quotation. This saved me several times from having problems with buyers. Communication is the key.


I agree. There are some very exploitative individuals using buyer requests to prey on desperate individuals.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of the buyer request feature in Fiverr to to be a very unnatural fit with the rest of the business model. To me Fiverr is somewhere for a seller to advertise their services and for a buyer to place an order. This simple business model is pure genius. But buyer requests just feel like a really uneasy add-on.


Trust me Silva, I do everything what you said, He replied my many question. He wants to work with me till now but he do not want raise budget. For new seller I have to do it, But think its about 70000 data with 27 title name…
I just frustrated.


I feel like buyer requests could really just be a place for sellers to advertise a specific thing, and for buyers who offer that thing to redirect them to their gig, end of.


I’ve seen plenty of similar requests for Music Production, I think I once saw a request asking for someone to produce an entire album from start to finish and to also handle the mixing and mastering in like 10 days for $20? And it had about 9 offers. I feel as though buyer request should have some sort of moderation.

Honestly though, it doesn’t surprise me that there are people willing to drop so low to take up these offers. After spending a few days on this forum, it’s pretty annoying seeing threads daily about people being on Fiverr for 10 minutes and expecting an order straight away. with minimum effort.

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You haven’t indicated what that amount of work really is. Most of us aren’t data miners so 70,000, 700, 7,000.000.000 are not that different. He offers $30, what is YOUR price? What % of your price does $30 represent?

If it were me, anything less than 50% of my $$ value is a hard eff off - unless they are adding genuine value in another way - and be sure they will as a buyer offering a date with Kylie if I do $500 work for $5 is not at all likely to eventuate.

Anything between 50-99% of my $$ value is still dubious as to make an offer on Fiverr one commonly has already probably halved the real value of that job.

So my advice based on what you have already said, kick him to the curb hard as he is not a customer, merely a sneaky thief. Once a sneaky thief, always a sneaky thief. Find a real customer who will value what you do for them.

Easier said than done I know well. But as long as you don’t value yourself properly snakes like this will hover around you, taking advantage, yet returning nothing.



They do it because desperate people comply with their own exploitation. It’s sad.

I don’t bother with BRs at all.


Don’t be frustrated. Accept it. If your client don’t want to pay what you are asking for you are the right person to know the value of your work. Move on. Sometimes things don’t happen for a reason. Keep your mind positive to attract good buyer experiences. Wish you all the best.

You said everything. Respect starts with ourselves.


All Fiverr Sellers, take note!


My advice? Don’t do it. Minus the 20% fiverr fee, you are basically working for free

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The sellers who entertain these kind of buyers are also the problem. If no one sends an offer, the buyers will sit up



So well said.

Disrespect begets disrespect. In a market it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because a precedent has been set.

This also affects our image. Maybe Fiverr wouldn’t be seen as the place to get people to work for peanuts if not as many sellers voluntarily worked for peanuts.


Sadly, we can’t do much about it. “Peanuts” means different things to different people depending on their status, level of expertise, and location. It is up to Fiverr to regulate the BR to minimize buyers exploitating sellers.

I agree with @gwyneth_galvin that BR should just be a place for sellers to advertise a specific thing, and for buyers who offer that thing to redirect them to their gig