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Right Direction for Profile?

Hello All, I appreciated the feedback received about tweaking my profile when I first created it. I just wanted to follow up on the look of language, gig pictures, and packages provided in my updated profile. I recently started on Fiverr and am patiently marketing and diligently working on orders. I am grateful for your criticism to help put my profile in the right direction. Sincerely, Joseph Miccolis

The seller has gone!

I just saw that it is linking to my previous account. My active account is

I would suggest you to add few more customized & relevant gig covers & also to include a video. For the gig description I think its too short & not properly optimized to take the full advantage of fiverr search engine.
You need to find few more related tags people usually search on fiverr when they are looking to render service like yours.Once identified those terms you need to recreate your gig description focusing those terms(dont use more then twice each terms on the gig description),also add few related sample work links on the description & wrap it up with a strong call to action words like order now.

Hope this helps!