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Right now with Fiverr TOP SELLERS!

So today right now, I’m attending Offical Fiverr Lahore Meetup, in Pakistan. Top sellers like aaliyaan, and Seo_by_pro were invited and both rocked the stage. I really appreciate Fiverr for taking the initiative of Fiverr meetups, there is always good to know the struggle Top sellers did while achieving the certain position!

Hard work and honesty pays off, best of luck sellers!
#In doers we believe :slight_smile:


Must have been an extravagant event for the Sellers at Lahore. Congratulations :slight_smile: Please Share more about what they said etc, if possible. Any recording on YouTube? Please share…

Wish Fiverr Does something like this in Bangalore as well :slight_smile:

Some of the events are initiated by Fiverr sellers. If you are interested in hosting a community event you can submit a form here

Sounds great. I’m going to see if I can get one set up near to me!

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