Right to Accept/Decline Order placed


I would like to suggest a Right to Accept/Decline Order placed

There are some instances as a virtual assistant that the buyer might want me to do some spammy stuff, example, create fake email accounts and send spam.

I have mentioned in the order to send message before ordering, but sometime they would end up buying the order directly and i do not have a choice but to cancel it, which affects my cancellation ratio.

So I think it is best to have a right to accept/decline order once placed by buyer.


I totally agree with you. the issue you have raised is a very important one. We hope fiverr will do something to that because not all jobs are sellers willing to do due to some reasons as you have rightly stated.

thanks for raising this issue. =D>

Ogbole Kingsley



I agree! People can’t read and order things that I don’t offer…


Honestly, it’s what keeps Fiverr running. If every time an order was placed the buyer had to accept or deny, that could really cut into Fiverr’s business model. I think it works great the way it is now because if there is an issue, you can simply just pass it on to Customer Service. I can’t see a situation where they wouldn’t cancel the order if it’s not what you offer or it’s breaking the TOS of the page. If you are worried about your cancellation ratio, you should focus additional efforts on getting a bigger more steady amount of orders so that you won’t have to worry about it. This is my thought, :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree with you though, but uh, I think there should be some kind of system in place ONLY for buyers that seem to get a high % of cancellations. This way Fiverr knows that this particular buyer is making it rough on sellers.