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Right to left support in the chat and inbox messages


If this is obsolete then let me know, but so far I have not seen any way to change the direction of messages to my buyers on the gig or via messages to right-to-left for Hebrew users (in my case), which would also apply to other Semitic languages.

This significantly hampers my whole ability to communicate effectively with my client, especially when I need to use English words inbetween the Hebrew ones, which is often the case because I do translation and editing so most of my discussions involve both languages.

Would it be too much to ask such an elaborate site to make right to left editing available in the messaging system?

Note that to avoid English words from jumbling up every sentence I type, I’m forced to type each English word in its own line. You’ll agree that this is most inconvenient for both reader and writer … (seller and buyer)

If there are already solutions I don’t know of, would appreciated being informed,

Thanks !!


Hi, I’m amazed this topic got no replies from the professional team yet, do you think it’s worth writing support directly suggesting this as a site improvement?

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Yes. I think writing to CS team directly is likely to elicit a better response from them.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks Hanshuber, I’ll do that. !

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